Discussion in ‘ Videos ‘ started by Gothopotamus , Jul 2, Subscribe to our Daily news newsletter Enter email Subscribe. My god, I don’t know what compels me to subject myself to this shit. Anyone seen the follow up to 1 Guy 1 Jar? That’s why it doesn’t bother me. Spunkmeister Sep 25,

Injury chaos in Premier League stalemate Four players were forced off with injury in the first half as the rivals battled out a hard fought draw at Old Trafford. After accidentally encountering 2 girls 1 cup a few weeks ago, I was surprised how better I handled it then similar experiences from before. That’s the same one. However, before you do that please check and make sure that your questions or concerns haven’t already been answered here. My god, I don’t know what compels me to subject myself to this shit. It’s like when they used to use maggots to treat leg wounds and still do in some places. I’ve seen a video of an asian woman in high heels driving one of the heels into a baby kitten, through the eye. Nov 25, 0 0.

If you do it well enough, its brains and blood will shower upon its skull being crushed. Then why bother posting this? I, honestly, wasn’t bothered by either of those videos. But then probably I’ll find something an order of magnitude sicker and the cycle starts again. It’s like when they used to use maggots to treat leg wounds and still do in some places. Not something I want to see before going to sleep: Dancing on Ice Dancing On Ice’s Holly Willoughby shows off cleavage in sexy low-cut Versace dress The year-old presenter ditched the ‘princess’ look for something more sultry this evening.


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Zippocat – Encyclopedia Dramatica

You can help by expanding it. You know what I am thinking.

Police brutality, torture, interrogation. He’s very much alive, unfortunately for him. WodenFeb 23, Child abuse Evil mum goes on week-long party spree leaving daughter, 3, to die of starvation Maria Plenkina, 21, left her daughter on third birthday and even shut off water supply so the child couldn’t even get herself a drink.

The Zippocat video has been successfully erased from the entire internet.

Did anyone blow their nose just to be sure after watching this? The many, many boil popping videos are even better than this. Forums Discussions Off-Topic Discussion. Mar 23, 5, 1 I was this close to yakking it all wtach my laptop.

Is this the most vieeo video on the internet? Actually, if it can lessen this video’s impact I would watch some worse stuff, until I become numb to these sort of videos again.

Sickening video shows woman setting kitten on fire after dousing it in gasoline

I wonder what those guys have planned next. Unless I’ve been deceived by some youtube comments Nov 19, 5, 0 0. This also includes screenshots watcy Reddit. Apr 6, 32, 1 0. When your septum starts rotting, flies can get in and lay their eggs. If you have an email ending in hotmail.

Dragnet Member Aug 17, Try tying the cat’s tail to his front paw, cuz everyone time it walks, it’s tail get’s pulled, looks like some diseased person trying to walk. This video though is really testing me. It really is kind of cute actually. I didn’t click the link, but is it the same as this? Animal abuse such as crush cat and zippo cat self explanatory.


ZeusJul 2, Dec 26, 32, 0 1, www. But that’s kinda mean. Animal Abuse Cats Stub.

The cat moves his head and his ass comes up with it how’z that for a chain reaction? Thank you for subscribing We have more newsletters Show me See our privacy notice. Share This Page Tweet. I almost threw up I know that it’s a bit old and there’s a small lack of information about it online. After wach first flame quickly dies out, the woman lights another match and places it on the animal’s back, laughing as the waatch begins to smoke.

I want to know if these sick bastards were caught. ShawnFeb 22, Then there’s an amount of abuse and rape videos. For a better experience, please enable JavaScript in your browser before proceeding. Series of councillors announce they are quitting Labour Party A number of councillors announced they were quitting with posts on social media. GeneralLouCypherJul 2, I can’t find any info on whether the sick bastards were caught. People had the screenshots of the video, but not the video itself.

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