Imagine if lightning suddenly struck Hollywood and overnight and teleported it 20 years into the future. The Lightning Bug’s Lair. Presented with Japan Cuts: The Charles Band Collection. I just havent had time to get on blogger lately. Love Train for the Tenebrous Empire. Twitter Updates follow me on Twitter. Bangkok Knockout This is the kind of shit Midnite was invented for, and the best part about it is you can still wallow in post-work drunkiness for a couple of hours before the film starts.

A funky mind, a funky sword. Way ahead of its time, this movie manages to be all about sex without feeling pervy. Keep up with the latest festival news at: Poliziotteschi Classics Tomorrow Evening at Specta Privacy Policy Terms of Service. The same can be said for Peter Chan Ho-sun’s Dragon, a martial-arts morality play as lithe as it is forceful.

B Movies and Beyond. Blood Money – Fulll History of of the First Teen Slasher Film Cycle – In this book Richard Nowell challenges some of the dominant understandings of the swordmen film, while providing a model for charting the rise and fall of a Your jaw will drop like an elevator with a snapped cable. The International Premiere of the new movie from Johnnie To! Every vicious swordsman leads a domestic double life, past sins dog their fleet feet and the shriek of sharp steel being drawn from its scabbard is their eternal soundtrack.


From Midnight, With Love.

A Wild World of Cinema. Movie Reviews by Nebular. A Takashi Miike World Premiere! And Now the Screaming Starts.

Dr Blood’s Video Vault. An avalanche of retro screenings to celebrate our tenth birthday!

New York Asian Film Festival 2011: You wanna be a part of it?

Los Angeles Times – Robert Abele Dragon has enough interesting left turns in style, mood and psychodrama to make it stand out.

Check it out here: Photobucket] 8 years ago. The Daily Misadventures of Metal Mykee! A call to revolution, a psychedelic fantasy film, an adrenaline-pumping wu xia movieā€¦ZU: Keep up with the latest festival news at: Screening on a rare 35mm print! In a rare 35mm print. Jinxi’s plight recalls David Cronenberg’s “A History of Violence,” and Baijiu’s cerebral and flashy style of detection – complete with animated glimpses of victims’ innards – suggests Guy Ritchie’s Sherlock Holmes series.

Battle Royale 10th Anniversary Screening on Friday New York Post – Farran Smith Nehme It’s never dull though, and the familiar characters and stock motivations are convincingly put across.

ActionDrama Directors: Day Swordsmn The Woman. It would actually probably make it that much more exciting. Gore Gore Dancer Movie Reviews. We like shit that kicks ass and blows shit up. I Like Horror Movies.


Nyaff Lineup – IMDb

Pity this poor teenage porn-addict who swordsmem wants to find a real girl. She Blogged By Night. Chuck Norris Ate My Baby. Possibly the greatest women vs. People wonder where all the craziness went from Miike’s two new films? The Full Extent of the Jam. Soon the Chinese mafia, the Korean mafia and the cops, are after him and hatchets are deployed, trucks are flipped and all hell breaks loose.

Time – Mary Pols When a mild-mannered peasant unsheathes the powers he has long kept hidden, the results can be spectacular.

Lounge of The Drunken Severed Head. Show 10 Show All. Newer Post Older Post Home. This is a cinematic experience, a journey into the essence of wu xia and a mad whirl of glorious chaos, savage speed and eye-bursting fantasy. The same can be said for Peter Chan Ho-sun’s Dragon, a martial-arts morality play as lithe as it is forceful.

In response, the boy removes the blindfold and uses his strange, glittering gaze to make Dad snap his own neck. Mad Mad Mad Mad Movies.

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