Watching these films somehow fill the emptiness that i feel being alone. The love scenes are not that much steamy, oh well maybe because I watched Natalie first. Cheon-ji, a young lady in Middle school committed suicide because of depression from the unfair treatment she is getting from her classmates specifically from the only friend she has who talks behind her back. A guy returned to his hometown after ten years to attend a reunion with his high school friends. Though i prefer watching it when theres no one around cmon, i dont wanna get caught with a teary eyes when the SAD part is playing! Thank you for appreciating this post… Greetings from Manila. It was not appealing for me but if you really like Lee Min Ki, maybe you can just focus on his face when it becomes boring.

Passionate, a bit tear jerker with a twist that you may or may not like. City hunter is good but not that romantic if you started i need romance and flower boy ramyun shop… try city hall and greatest love too…. I always read your blog… And you are my basis for downloading some romantic korean movies… Thank you so much… i would like to ask you if you know this three movies: I thought it will be a sad ending. This one is cheerful and dandy and one of those mushy train scene endings which will pull a sweet sigh from you no matter how much you hold it in. I want 2 favours from you if you can please:

A very effective role that really draamacrazy the depth of how the heroine resolved ym conflict because it was a really perplexing decision to cut ties with a person who has been good to you because he did something evil to another person. The Sweet bickerings and a proof that people can accidentally be in love is what made this sweet flick captivating to watch.

I started to watch Cyborg She but only got through the first 20 minutes before I had to get some things done. It was inspiring and easily narrated.

Although nothing spectacular is in store in this movie, it will not make you hit the stop button. Unbeknownst wath him Cream accidentally learned of his condition and in an effort to make him happy she fulfilled his dream of her getting married.

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Although messy, the characters were fun so I just convinced myself I have ppartner bear with it. Hope you feel better soon. It only shoots to people dramacray mutual feelings to each other. She was then stalked by the school bully since then.


Actually i am following and looking at the list from you. Ever since i went here in the U. It was revealed that they were lovers years ago. Is dub anyway i can find any of those actors in Twitter? As a self-confessed sucker for accidental and impossible love, the saddening thought of an is-this-person-worth-it-kind-of-love transcended in this movie.

Thank you for the list and reviews… very helpful to find good romantic movies! Ill skip the midpart of my list and go to the recent ones ive posted… bandage, loveneverending story, werewolf boy are my recent favorites….

Im Jung Hwa was saddled with temporary blindness after surviving from a car accident that killed her parents. Distracted by the latest break-up, she bumped into a car and a man stepped out of it who turned out to be her new boss. My top three are my sassy girl, windstruck and my little bride they are amazing movies! It was at first interesting. Seeing the love grew, saddled, steadied, lost and fulfilled was I think the reason why it created huge admiration. I refrain from watching suspense films because I hate engg fictional characters, but kudos to the main cast they were all good holding and keeping the cliff-hanging scenes of the story.

Maybe I lost something in the translation. Nevertheless, it is sweet, light and at times hilarious.

The Legend of the Blue Sea

She was really good in Castaway on the Moon. After two years, he was reunited with fellow corps Captain Rhee Hae-rang who was ordered to become a Korean rock star as parner as Rhee Hae-jin who hero-worshipped Ryu-hwan and ny disguised as a high school student. I mean who are you, who gave us such a huge list of romantic movies. I just felt that the romantic elements were not properly placed.

I probably will now. It was candid and captivating. Hello, first and foremost i would like to thank you for providing this site, i have always liked mg in regards to film genre and where possible in real life too, I stumbled upon your site only yesterday and have already watch around 6 of your recommendations although i have seen a number of the sugested films already.

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Unaware of their secret agent identities, a couple got entangled to stop an organized crime group in releasing a bio-chemical weapon. Hmmmm it was your typical Anaconda vibe flick, the humans thrive on their wit to survive and defeat the monster but they were unsuccessful except Ha Ji Drxmacrazy unni. A comic relief considering its befitting plot, nevertheless it was still amusing and entrancing.


I can watch on my computer. The water scene when the horse jockey and the horse first created their connection was full of warmth. Little by little though he became closer to her and when his mother returned for him it sent me to 60 weeping seconds as I grew attached of their relationship. A moving, inspiring and a reality biting spectacle not worth missing. If you want something a little more partmer and less likely to make u get all emotional i would highly recomend the dramas of Ghost and City Hunter, both very well put together.

It is a love story of a devoted husband who stayed with her wife even when she was slowly forgetting that he happened in her life. I think i have seen at least 45 of these movies in the past 5 months.

I think there is also a jpn film or short drama called my rainy days, from what i remember its was heart breaking,i watched it a while back, ill look into it to see if i can find it for you. But i want to finish it before this year end hehehe. A few heart flutters here and there, but if you have watched the classic love films, you will find it mediocre.

Full of love and so heartwarming, prepare some tissue if you will embark on it. The story was not in a hurried pace, and yet I really mustered all the focus I can get to be immersed on it. Her sixth sense ability has saddled her to be accustomed in living alone and avoiding human contact.

Addictive and deeply touching love movie. I have included long recaps and short movie summaries for your reference, you can also see it all in my Korean Movie Recap Page.

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