What pains to see Queen Maya of her emotions release of the child she had lost due to circumstances. Saat dicegat, Yushin malah memacu kudanya sekencang mungkin. Cheon Myeong asked Deok Man to have some trust in her that they can override this matter together. Deok Man greets Cheon Min with a stammer. Meanwhile Eul Jae is surprise that someone brought out the matter of the burglary in Dae Daehwajeon. Seol Won Rang asked what is the content of the petition about.

Queen Maya express that the situation is bleaker that Cheon Myeong has imagined. Mi-shil devised sinister plans to have the two Silla princesses exiled from the kingdom, and in a secretive battle, Princess Chonmyong was assassinated by Mi-shil. The least you can leave Kim Yu Shin a forwarding address since the Taklamakan is so vast. I had already done all that you have instructed me to do. Kim Yu Shin apologise to Deok Man. Eul Jae surprise that it is the doing of Yonghwa Hyangdo. Deok Man said that she will return back to the Taklamakan Desert.

Queen Maya brushed it all epidode nothing as Cheon Myeong announce her visit as King Jinpyeong invites her in. It can be from all sort of animal, mostly mammals but serpentine is also taken.

Deokman langsung menepis tangan Ratu Maya yang memegangnya, dan buru-buru pergi dari tempat itu. Kim Yu Shin said there is duuyung accommodation shelter where she can rest. Cheon Myeong suggests that to asked Deok Man to go to Jung Ahn temple duyunh planned while she will thinks of something in dealing with the matter Cheon Myeong said that she will return tomorrow.

Queen Maya must 1st save Deok Man from anymore pain. Deok Man said that she will go to Jung Ahn temple as she is told. Di saat yang sama, penglihatan Chilseok, yang membuka perban matanya, sudah pulih.


Eul Jae surprise that it is the doing of Yonghwa Hyangdo.

Deok Man contemplate on Mt. Queen Maya feels uneasy. Begitu ketahuan kalau pelakunya adalah Jukbang Lee Moon-shikanggota klan Kembang Naga itu langsung diciduk dan diinterogasi sambil disiksa. Seol Won Rang would not repeat himself.

Deok Man now in the state of denial that she is just merely a cadre that Cheon Myeong is just pulling her legs that she wanted sinetrln reprimand for her insubordination. Dengan wajah serius Yushin menyebut bahwa selama Deokman tidak pergi, pria itu berjanji bakal membantu Deokman sekuat tenaga. Ucapan itu keruan saja membuat Putri Cheonmyeong terpukul, karena ia menganggap Deokman adalah salah satu pilar kekuatannya.

Seok Bum said that the vidwo had told them that the stolen ink pot was already confiscated as evidence. The merchant identify no one.

What pains to see Queen Maya of her emotions release of sinetorn child she had lost due to circumstances. I had already done all that you have instructed me to do.

Di puncak tebing air terjun, Putri Cheonmyeong berusaha menghibur Deokman. Deok Man still in state duynug denial that Cheon Myeong resort to this tactics to reprimand a person. Joo Bang said that it is because of Jang Gye. It highly unlikely that people like Guan Yu hold that weapon in the 3rd century. It is Cheon Myeong as she approaches them.

Joo Bang going to latrine episoed do his business, he suffering from a stomach ache, even after a visit to the latrine to deposit.

Namun demi melihat ekspresi sang putri dan ratu, Deokman sangat terpukul. Deok Man replies that her mind is blank at the moment without any thoughts. Al Cheon shows his doubts. Go Do said that they left last night.

It is because in the desert her tears will cry up faster. Yeoham as Kim Yu Shin stood by her close by like a sentry on duty. Eul Jae said that he had heard that Seol Won Rang had caught the perpetrator that broke into Daehwajeon. Dengan gugup, Deokman terus meminta maaf karena semula menganggap semuanya adalah lelucon Putri Cheonmyeong untuk menghukumnya. Cheon Myeong advice it is beat to give Deok Man some time to contemplate on the truth.


It is a relief that So Hwa is now in their hands.

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Eul Jae said that the decision whether he is a spy will be done by the Nyae Seong. Queen Maya realise that Cheon Myeong had no knowledge of that fact. Seok Bum wonder why Princess Cheon Myeong is doing here. Eul Jae is the person who asked to see Cheon Myeong. Kim Yu Shin said that Yonghwa Hyang Do was just the base platform, for her to look for her true identity. Eul Jae said that Deok Man had involves herself in a great conspiracy. Sebelum Deokman sempat bicara, Putri Cheonmyeong Park Ye-jin dengan air mata berlinang mendahului dengan memberitahu Ratu Maya siapa sang nangdo sebenarnya.

I am sure that Deok Man will not start whacking rocks. Deok Man leaves as Cheon Myeong pains for her sister.

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As he takes a yawn to stretches himself, he is kidnapped. Deok Man suyung even otherwise; Cheon Myeong should have done what she just did. It is an overwhelming for Deok Man to digesting the truth at this moment. Kim Yu Shin went after Deok Man.

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