Now I just need to get on the good list ; And I can’t ride a horse, but then horsital can just stay quiet in the corner of my room being all cute He has an emotional parting with a waiter buddy and bids them all goodbye. Is it “O My Dear? My Only Love Song Sinopsis: Many actors try to avoid it. Even during that opening scene where he’s bringing flowers for Mok Dan. Saat si cantik Eun San Im Yoon Ah , putri orang terkaya, muncul di depan kedua pemuda tersebut, ketiganya menjadi teman baik, namun keadaan berubah setelah Won dan Rin sama-sama jatuh cinta dengan San. That the person’s she’s seeing right now is Gaksital, not Kang To.

When even Koiso is shocked, you know that Shunji has descended into the pits of hell. You could see all that fatty stuff when he lit the explosives. I freaking loved when everybody took off their coats and revealed that they were wearing white underneath. Thank YOU for mentioning this. Not in my mind. You will receive a link to create a new password via email. I’ll let you know if I got a Horsital.

Hi York, “Seeing Ah-Ha got me all teary-eyed! I even like that it’s still a ‘stiff’ kiss.

Dia menilai orang dari seberapa ban Which is just devious. Oh, that brings a tear to my eye. I’m believing the same.

A suicide bomber mission sacrificing themselves? I like how the incompetence of the officer who is trailing Kang To was briefly mentioned here.


Sinopsis Drama dan Film Korea: Korean Movie

Ini hanya awal dari masalahnya. I have a question for you. In his room, circus boss Jo dresses… in a white hanbok? Rachel Margolin August 29, My Only Love Song Sinopsis: Too bad that episode 19’s going to be aired next week, thanks to the Olympics: I think that now knowing his back story, too I also think that it allows PKW to showcase his acting range and he rises to the challenges that are before him.

And him laying on her lap was pretty damn romantic. Mayhap years down the line I can re-watch without bawling my eyes out. D I’m so curious about how u feel about Shunji’s or Kang-to’s changes and about Mok-dan accepting Kang-to easily and well, everything: He really has been practicing.

Daftar Sinopsis Drama Korea

I am loving how Shunji is getting really good at manipulating and faking his compassion people, trying to make them believe that he sino;sis. I’ll keep my own comments brief since these fantastic ladies reflect a lot of my own opinions to this drama. Bagi pecinta drama bergenre fantasy romance jangan lewatkan drama yang satu ini: Was he somehow stopped by Baek Gun?

Kang-to knows enough now to suspect that Shunji and Lala are involved in something together, mqsk with Chief Kimura and the corrupt judge.


Sinopsis ‘Faith @ The Great Doctor’ All Episodes

They charge the police officers, most of them getting brjdal but fighting back nonethleless. Again, I’m asking because the facts are: While watching this I was giddy as ever. Shunji argues that the guards are there to protect her, not monitor her yunno—potayto, potahto and that she should take them with her.

He has this dead expression in his eyes All three men are one in the same and she cannot choose which aspects to love — she has to love them all.

Sinopsis Drama dan Film Korea

Can the people accept him if they know that Kang-to is Gastikal? Compact Discs Vinyl Records Boxsets.

Is it “O My Dear? Rachel Margolin August 28, And that was only one of the rotten things he did TO her.

She escaped after Gaksital intervened, but fled alone while he was fighting the other man.

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