It has been an absolute revelation! Having had my mooncup for almost a year, I put it to the ultimate test last night when I went to a white themed party… I wore my mooncup and warned my girlfriends to keep a lookout for the slightest discolouration in my white jumpsuit. I just wanted to hide away until it was all done with. I will never go back. My periods, which used to last 5 to 6 days, now only last 2 and a half days. I trimmed the puller to halfsize and its just right.

I struggled the first few times taking it out but after that it was fine. And, to top it off if I did the removal correctly it would have been even cleaner. No messy periods, no stress with clothes and a HUGE plus: Just make the change and liberate yourself from the tyranny of the sanitary product industry forever. Not a relaxing environment…. I decided to try the Mooncup after getting a job working at a summer camp in America.

Its so much cleaner and unobtrusive than other products, I forget its even there! I am now confident removing it in public toilets.

And mooncyp not like I could just walk to the sink to wash you off, either. I love it to bits. Makes having a period not nearly as miserable or messy.

Friday was the Flush of Freedom. It does give you tips. Maybe not someone who loves my period but at least now I can tolerate moonup die to such a fantastic product. I found out about them by accident, and am SO glad I did! It was easy as pie! But since then I have become a lot greener and try and do everything I can to reduce waste etc. I recommend this to anyone who is fed up with traditional products that are dry and uncomfortable and it saves quite a bit of money.


It takes a little practice to get in and out the few few times, and if you have problems hkrror poking around inside or seeing a small cup of blood, you may have to steel yourself.

No leakage what so ever! No more hassles of sliding a tampon up your sleeve when you go to the loo and no more monthly expense as this lasts for years.

An Ode Of Hatred To My Diva Cup

You pinched off my urethra so that my piss came out at either PSI or not at all. I made sure to stick the stickers in public places, hoping that if at least one woman who struggled like I did sees it and looks into ohrror further, it will be worth it.

I will never look back. That’s why I hadn’t hovered over the bowl, Assface From Rant 5! I can’t feel anything. My body has been clean all along! I feel like I have won a feminist battle by making one simple purchase rather than a monthly one: They are cleaner,easier,SO much more moncup than towels I wont use tampons for so many reasons ,there are no disposal issues I loathe having to wrap and chuck used towels in ANY bin,ughh!

But changing it was not messy at all, nothing like I imagined, certainly no worse than with a tampon, but the squatting was rather difficult! Also my period pains got worse, I would spend hours bent up with a hot water bottle getting grumpy with anyone and everyone! S No leaks either including overnight!

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A day later, all I can say is, fuck the Diva Cup. I just wanted to hide away until it was all done with. It WILL come out. Was looking for something to help cut down the amount of non-recyclable waste in my life, and discovered the Mooncup. I am planning a big backpacking trip next year and am looking for ways to save money and packing space.


An Ode Of Hatred To My Diva Cup | HuffPost

I go running, swimming, rock climbing with it in and I pretty much forget I have my period. I feel cleaner without all that icky leakage laying on the towel. It felt really comfortable, way more-so than a tampon.

I have met someone else. This thing is incredibly freeing and I love it for so many reasons, I recommend it every chance I get. Did you try making a balloon animal? Plus, saving money mooncip the long run. The Moon Cup is pretty clean. Believe every testimonial on here because it is the best thing that has ever happened to me regarding my period!

Good bye messed up undies and bed sheets! I feel grateful that I have found this product in my early twenties and have not had to endure years of bother with tampons and sanitary towels. I dread the day my period comes. After my difficult first time removal, I used pads for the rest of that cycle, and then I came to this website every single day and read every new entry to make sure I horrro very informed, and I practiced folding my cup and stores playing with it, to make it seem less threatening.

I recommend this product to all females! I feel super clean too. I have recently changed moincup from shop work to gardening.

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