After the break up with Aim, Phun and Noh remain their status as friends until one day that Noh has to perform live for the Open House event of the convent school where many girls try to win Noh’s heart. Jeed fakes her dad’s signature in order to sign with a modeling. Tangmo, a convent school student, and Moan, a technical school student who is a nephew of Friday College chancellor, live together at the same condominium as husband and wife. But to be real though I hated the way Pete was being treated by Earn I get that he loved Noh and everything but seriously Do you have to be such a dickish friend? Was this review helpful to you? Most Popular Time Travel Dramas.

The girls, Aim and Yuri, happen to be besties. Golf, while hanging out with friends, sees Aim with another guy who is not Phun. Not being able to accept the truth, Yuri breaks up with Noh eventually. Not only the match is prestigious, it is also a chance for the Angels’ gang to prove themselves as cheerleaders. List of Love Sick: Hide ads with VIP.

So Phun needs to convince Pang that he has a boyfriend so that she can help talk their father out of the idea of dating his friend’s daughter. The girls, Aim and Yuri, happen to be besties. Grid View List View.

Love Sick Episode 10 by wravyn. Phun, the secretary of Friday College’s student council, has a beautiful queen B girlfriend from the all-girls convent school called Aim. Never forget that we all have ‘been’ there, so we know that they are definitely not going to be ordinary. Have fun with your hubby. While we’ve done our best to make the core functionality of this site accessible without javascript, it will work better with it enabled.

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Pieces of Me by CaptainSaint Fandoms: Tje Learn how and when to remove this template message. Likewise with Phana and Wayo who love each other since middle high school.


You wanna run away with me nh something? Fuck you and your babe. Phun’s father doesn’t listen to Phun well but adores his little sister Pang. Also, the tsundere wives in the form of KitKat and Arthit, and straightforward husbands who we called Ming and Kong. Please help improve it by removing unnecessary details and making it more concise.

Half of his friends are at the very least bi so his worry seems a bit misplaced Then again it’s not like most of them were very open about it either so Maybe we should go to Chiang Mai and go look at the pandas.

Kom and Neung are still enemies, and they almost get into a fight when Neung kovesick fun of Kom working to earn money for school by selling drinks. There, Pang and friends meet Pop and Chay who are inevitably ‘imagined’ by the girls to be a couple, and the trio does everything to make sure Pop and Chay fall in love with each other, but things are not that easy.

Because teenagers go through a lot, their lives are then interesting, and there are a lot to talk about.

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All their friends know about this, but their parents have no clues. Jul 6, – Sep 21, Aired On: Origin of love by AShleyS Fandoms: Phun lends his shoulder for Noh to lean on in a taxi ride back to school. After that, Phun and Noh continue their relationship, but the bigger problem awaiting them is that Phun’s father senses that Phun is in a relationship and determines to find out who Phun is in love with.

Log in Sign up. It would have been way easier for him if that’d been the case, but it’s so much more than that. Hide ads with VIP. In the end, the relationship between Phun and Aim comes to an end. He was such a saint to be able to continue trying despite all the dickish moves by Earn Maybe that’s why it’d taken me so long to gif them But I’m just going to pretend okay That in this gif set Earn will come to realise that Pete is someone he could fall in love with Cause man Nobody is getting between Noh and Phun They are tight as hell Okay enough commentary for now I’m out.


Golf is still the best friend who always takes care of Mo. Views Read Edit View history. One day at Noh’s house, the friends decide to throw a party.

Edit this Page Edit Information. The Series Season 2 Thai sequel.

Just Feel It by gypsophilasscribbles Fandoms: My addiction in BL was started with this series actually. The Series Episode 1 by harouka 0 Jan 12, 12 of 12 episodes seen. The Series Season 2 episodes. At the end pbun the episode, Noh voices his thought on the dilemma of choosing between Yuri and Phun that whatever he goes with, it’s either gaining something, or learning something.

Lots more stuff to eat there. Loevsick Google sa papicture XP.

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Toss a snarky Phun and a semi-clueless Noh into the mix, sprinkle a generous helping of seriex feelings, and suddenly poor Pete is kissing the game and his freedom goodbye. I have a test for my first period tomorrow.

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The offer leaves Noh dumbfounded.

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