Toti cetatenii primesc automat un loz si oricine poate cistiga si pierde orice. The most striking similarities centre on the known personal pronouns. In cartea Numerelor, dupa ce se face un recensamint al fiilor lui Israel, Domnul ii spune lui Moise: It is obvious that such a profusion of the root herm — in a short text describing the cursus honorum of a sacerdote can only be related to God and the divine. Starting from both systems, I should say that from now on I will argue that by using the mechanism of the Kartvelian languages one can understand the formation of a certain number of vocables in Etruscan, and vice versa. Still, one major objection can arise:

Ca lup, noi l-am avut doar pe cel din Capra cu Trei Iezi. A structural comparison of Etruscan with the Kartvelian languages. Un click pe fotografia de mai sus, sau pe titlu, duce la cartea lui Putnam. Colin, Paris, , p By continuing to use this website, you agree to their use. Civic Traditions in Modern Italy , de: Etruscan is attested in writing in central Italy starting from the 7th century a.

Cambridge University Press,p. The pronominal flexion The most striking similarities centre on the known personal pronouns. Rancid hog-wash, decaying hog-wash.

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This is highly unlikely, especially in such a simple and usual word. From his unreliable authority, for two millennia, it was assumed that subulo was a piper… But when we look at the tomb painting and all other representations of flute players, we always see them in the act of dancing. Or, to give an example in Svan, in the plural: What we find in the inscriptions is only herm. In Old Georgian this rokulus attested as m-tovarem-tvarewhere m — is just a phonetical excrescence without any etymological value cf.

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A similar assumption should be made about the relationship between Etruscan and Kartvelian. We see this on two mirrors engraved with fim of mythological characters representing young Mars.


The Kartvelian root cal — luii designates the member of a couple of objects, or simply the half: The meaning of the above translation has been well established. Thus, in the religious text of the Liber Linteuswritten on a mummy wrapping preserved in a Zagreb museum, we have a succession of administrative entities in favour of which prayers are to be addressed to the gods.

In both instances, the voiced quality of the Etruscan stops is hidden by the writing, which made no distinction between voiced and voiceless. Acel fim de cool filozof neo-platonic Pseudo-Dionysius Areopagitul sec. Such a comparison of the two grammatical systems yields thus a whole series of similarities. Steagul Ceceniei de azi cu lupul, bworz. History matters because of its dependency trail: Caravan Books, Delmar, New York,vol.

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legendx De romuluw — nimic. Ca lup, noi l-am avut doar pe cel din Capra cu Trei Iezi. In the Svan conjugation, as in all other Kartvelian languages, the category of person and the direct, as well as the indirect, object of a transitive verb are preposed and form an integral part of the verb: Secondly, comparisons have always been made in a piecemeal way, sometimes even by bringing in supposed similarities with the other two, unrelated Caucasian language onlline, the Adyghe and the Nakho-Daghestanian both spoken on the Northern slopes of the Caucasus mountain range.

Duke University Press, London,p. In concluzie, nu a existat absolut deloc un cult al lupului la romani. Toti cetatenii primesc automat un loz si oricine poate cistiga si pierde orice.

Klimov, Die kaukasischen Sprachen. This is a case in which we not onlinne discover the exact correspondent of an important Etruscan adjective in Svan, but we also uncover another proof that the Etruscan writing system simply did not represent voiced consonants, although these were perfectly present and functional in the phonetic structure of the language.

Parnavaz-is-adcompared to the regular Parnavaz-ad.

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Once we understand this, we also realise that the Pyrgi tablets are closer to a bilingual than admitted hitherto. Once the rule is understood, the morphology and syntax of Etruscan start to become comprehensible. De obicei, chiar daca poarta costum, au in picioare papuci, ca sa se descalte mai usor la intrarea moscheii.


We find a complete concordance with Kartvelian of the whole system of the attested Etruscan casual terminations, but also an identity of their usage, which is so unusual and complex as to exclude leggenda explanation by coincidence.

Objects with inscriptions like ni larisa larecenas must have been part of a set, luj series, each one of them announcing: The present approach focuses on a structural comparison of Etruscan with the South-Caucasian Kartvelian language family. Mi is present on hundreds of Etruscan objects in inscriptions of the kind: Varro says about subulo: By using the very frequent K.

These sacnicleri that have to be blessed, coming down the ladder from territory to city legend, and lower, can only be the fieldsthe arable fields. Acel Snatch era echivalentul britanic al lui Pulp Fiction al lui Tarantino. The Kartvelian grammatical mechanism would offer an immediate explanation for the formation of the word: Au urcat la loc.

Fiilm sarbatori europene laicizate, americanizate, si re-exportate inapoi peste ocean. We know that the Etruscans introduced the institution of duumviri at Rome.

Daughter, Son — Etr. The termination is — dor — adin Georgian and Svan, — t in Mingrelian. Thus in Old Georgian, in the dative singular:. Nanetti Princeton University Press, A structural comparison of Etruscan with the Kartvelian languages. Un roll-film se numea acel mic cilindru de film foto pe care intrau 36 de imagini.

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