KTA 3902 PDF

KTA 3902 PDF

KTA KTA Page 4 Comments by the editor: Taking into account. Buy KTA Design Of Lifting Equipment In Nuclear Power Plants from SAI Global. and Transportation Equipment for Heavy Loads, Radioactive Waste and Materials in Accordance with German Nuclear Standards KTA , and

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Aluminum 39002 Carbon Materials handling systems. Kjell Andersson and Walter Heinrich presented a number of analysed crane problems in Sweden. Internal wire breaks are a problem. Secondly one should utilise passive safeguards. Steel wire ropes are multiple redundant load-bearing elements — as parallel arrangement of load-bearing elements they can withstand a number of single element breaks and still not be discarded.

All parts will eventually fail, but a good control system design must accommodate these failures and keep the load safe. ASME has published a number of rules for the construction of gantry cranes and other hoists.

The operations include fuel recycling, fuel manufacture and waste management. A lot of things have happened at the site and different types of cranes have been involved.

KIKA Nuclear Cranes Seminar in Växjö– Summary – Kika Cranes Seminar

Ringhals, the nuclear power plant on the Swedish west coast, is operated by Vattenfall. Corrosion is another problem that can be solved by using galvanized wires or by relubricating the rope wires. Siguren has identified the frictional brake as the main safety component on the hoist.


The report contains an analysis of incidents concerning material handling equipment in kfa nuclear industry from You work in Mechanical Engineering team.

English-German Dictionary

As a Crane and Lifting Equipment Engineer you are responsible for implementing the technical requirements and analyses of cranes and lifting equipment. Stromag has developed a questionnaire which helps to select the correct brake equipment regarding safety factors and dimensions.

The cases regarding gear boxes, backup brakes and steel wire ropes are presented in a separate article together with contributions from other speakers.

The handling system proved to be highly interesting for the foreign visitors. Some of the most impressive units are containerized to allow fast transport anywhere in of the world. The seminar participants were lucky — at the day of the visit full scale tests were carried out to test the new handling equipment for storage of the canisters in a vertical position.

Risk analysis is compulsory during the design phase and it should be completed by a functional analysis according to the EN standard. Stromag France SAS is a manufacturer of drive systems and power transmission components.

State-of-the-art visualisation solutions are standard with us. Michel Bunnik, Sales Manager of Global Projects, has seen a number of demanding lifting and transport projects.

Chernobyl and the year are a part of our modern history. Limit switches, overload indication sensors, eddy current brakes and synchronous motors can prevent many failures. Norbert Schilling explained the present situation for applicable German KTA-standards see a special interview.



The crane can be controlled from the cabin, ground control or via remote control. The double mechanism chain still allows safe lifting and lowering of hoist load in case of failure in the gear reducer, or a break in drum coupling or stub shaft. You will ensure that suppliers follow the requirements and in case of need lta are able to explain Finnish regulations to supplier.

Fennovoima is a flexible and international community where you can make your mark with your work. The company has a lot of experience of detecting and correcting misalignment and on-site services.

Reactor Building Cranes

Please leave your CV, respond to the open questions and give your salary request in our application form no later than 7. Roland Verreet also recommends that the groove angle of the sheaves should be greater than 45 o to reduce rope twist. You coordinate activities with the supplier and sub-suppliers, Fennovoima inter-discipline colleagues and Safety Authorities during all phases of the project.

In addition this measure also decreases friction between the rope and the kat, which also causes less twisting.