This is a page to introduce first Kendo Kata No.1, Ippon-me. It explains the meanings behind the kata. S T E P H E N D. Q U I N L A N. Nihon Kendo no Kata &. Kihon Bokuto Waza. K I N G S T O N K E N D O C L U B • M AY 1 9, 2 0 1 4. Kendo Principles V explains the Nippon Kendo Kata in details. It is a perfect source to learn the correct Kata for daily practices or last minute preparation for Dan.

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Kendo Kata: General Infomation on Kata

The “kyu” and “dan” grading system is used to assess the level of one’s skill in kendo. For adults, every encounter lasts for five minutes while for children the duration is shortened to three minutes and it continues till either one of the opponents has scored the requisite two points or the closing bell has rung.

It involves lendo movements and techniques. Kendo kata will give us these great benefits. You don’t feel weak. Circa was witness to Nihon Kata being incorporated into the school curriculum as form of compulsory kendo training and remains as such till this day. We will be happy to answer any questions that you may have. Rotary Center for the Arts Cawston Ave.

Grades Technical achievement in kendo is measured by advancement in grade, rank or level. Take five small steps backwards onto the left foot. Nihon Kendo Kata Explained. However, since we have to know both sides, we do not have to stick to the rule mentioned above. Leave me a comment in the box below. Uchitachi is a role of a higher grade people since it is a ” teaching” position. I may be able to explain why after the introduction of the meaning of the kata No.

The name of the technique is men-nuki-men. Kendo examinations typically consist of a demonstration of the applicants skill and for some dan grades, also a written exam. But as all the high rank senseis say, it must be studied more often than it is now. The blade of the sword is straight. They have an interpreter in the video so I don’t think I need to explain what is going on so I shared my view on this one. Thus, it is not very exciting. Why is it important to learn Kata in Kendo training?


If you hold a lower rank than your partner and are practicing the uchitachi side, you have to be aware of the distance and timing to initiate moves. Breathing of Kendo Kata I recommend learning how to breathe in kata, after you acquire the movements.

Shitachi takes a step forwards onto the right foot and strikes uchitachi ‘s men. Maybe because kata does not seem very practical to many people for shinai kendo, many people see kata as something they have to do for their promotion exam grading.

If you are interested in learning if Kendo is right for you, please feel free to come and join a class. Fall classes are back in session. For example, we do not use jatas kodachi in kendo unless we have two swords. This is the only entrance.

One of the reasons as to why trainees, especially children, refrain from practicising Kata is because of its predictable nature. Likewise, minimum two referees must give consent for a contestant to be awarded a point.

Kendo Katas – Black Belt Wiki

Ki may be translated into various English words; kqtas, internal energy, mental strength, energy flow and so on. Uchitachi should not lower the body as cutting down. It is not a good idea to have that kind of kigurai in a battle.

Uchitachi cuts in to cut shitachi in half. Great Gift from Japan: Simply click the image below or click here and find out what you get from Newsletter.

Therefore, without Kata, Kendo will just degenerate into a stick-fighting spectacle and hence lose its basic character. I contributed the English closed caption because I wanted you watch this! We can learn a distance and timing to strike.


Then there came a day when swords were replaced by shinai, or bamboo sticks, and it was mandatory for all Kendoka to wear dogu, or the protective gear. Kendo embodies the essence of Kenso fighting arts. However, it does not matter what word it is translated into, it is the source of your energy that is not something we can see but we can feel.

Bokuto Ni Yoru Kendo Kihon-waza Keiko-ho is the first set of kata and consists of 9 waza using the bokken. Contact If you are interested in learning more about kendo to see if it is a good fit for you, please feel free to come out and watch one of our training sessions.

One is called uchitachi some people call it uchidachi and shitachi some call it shidachi.

We actually end our opponent’s life in Kata No. Uchitachi initiates movements and controls all the distances.

Kelowna Kendo Club

Of course, this was many centuries ago and was the earliest form of Kendo but it was the deadly nature of combat that prompted the Kenjutsu, or Kendo teachers, to evolve a style of fighting which was unique and bore a distinct stamp of the teacher. If you think kata is only a set of forms and no benefits to you, please keep reading. To mold the mind and body, To cultivate a vigorous spirit, And through correct and rigid training, To strive for improvement in the art of Kendo, To hold in esteem human courtesy and honor, To associate with others with sincerity, And to forever pursue the cultivation of oneself.

You really will appreciate these hakama!