kanakku teacher ah avanga????? #N24_Mr_Perfect. family which entirely depended on him, the teacher had to cut short his expenses and had to skip his meals to save money. The story “Ooninte Kanakku”. ->Teacher amma ->Yenna teacher? ->Kanakku teacher ->Yena kanakku? -> Veetu Kanakku ->Yenna veedu? ->Maadi veedu ->Yenna maadi?.

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Now her geacher questions are scientific. A Mieja who is a hybrid of why-why girl and the never ending story girl has taken to a never ending loop of questions. He is now two and a half and am already experiencing a backlash with a flurry of questions beginning with. I think I am slowly getting there with my soon to be 3 year old.

Kanakku Teacher Kambikathakal – Kambi Kathakal newkambikadha kambikathakal kambikuttan novel aunty

I am glad you had a productive work day Reva. You look at the big brown eyes and start feeling guilty about saying mannangatti, self note to be more patient. Sort of like word kanakky. Need I say that I have completely lost my […]. This has a lot of Tamil content which will be lost in translation. What do you do with the upma? With D, after my head goes into the spinning wheel, the fallback is questioning her back. Btw, have a similar version in Kannada as well ….


Chokkan, on winning the most recent book quiz. Yes, I have started to answer Mieja in questions, but I know I am setting myself up for a bigger fall.

Never Ending….

Works sometimes, other times it spins into yet another never ending conversation. I am breaking my head to remember the first lines of enna chellam?

Kanakju am quite Amma, why did you say that and are not talking now? Ah that phase … answering anything means inviting million more questions till your head starts spinning. CA, I went through this with Chula. Why are you singing that song? What are you eating amma? Why this sudden nostalgia?

Funny mom and even funnier daughters! What do you do with the aval? Mannangatti… Amma what is mannangatti?

Pipi Longstockings oda peyar kaaranam is too much! But it goes something like this…. Basically there are many versions, but the knaakku is to keep the answer tied to the previous question and forming the basis for the next question. So Mieja is going to be beaten up like Vadivelu, hmmmm…. What are you eating?


I hear you sister. Double dose is a little too much for me to handle. That was really funny. When I was a kid, I remember playing with my friends: Anyhoo, the upma conversation is classic.

Both the girls are in two different stages. The resident three year old A. I think the girls are a riot and so is their mum ;! On a regular day this is how it goes: Amma, what is this?

Meija gets a big big hug and a loud loud kiss! What do you think I am eating? Breakfast or for a snack. What does that mean?