In episode 11, the locker that connects the rabbit hatch is removed from the abandoned club room, leaving kengo. This would attract the attention of his father who tells Shun that he must focus more on himself and his achievements. Once the Aries Zodiarts complies, a satisfied Kamen Rider Meteor takes his leave too, much to Kengo’s dismay before he loses consciousness. Kengo tries to talk her out of using it, but she activates it and leaves her body behind. But ends up with Yuki kicking him to Earth. After Gamou finds Gentaro, he expresses how impressed he is with the boy but tells him that there are those who do not want to be friends.

Offered the Zodiarts Switch and a partnership between the two, Ryusei refuses and walks off just as Kijima becomes the Cancer Zodiarts to kill him. This was actually the first time id watched every episode of ooo in order as id skipped some of the middle parts in the past. However, after receiving a call from the hospital that Jiro has a fever, Ryusei is conflicted before finding Gentaro overhearing him and insisting to go with him. Utsugi says she has no interest in befriending him. Later, Gentaro being distracted with Tomoko on his mind is effecting his testing of the Flash Module as Kengo assures him that there is no such thing as witches. Soon after, Shun finds himself forced by Mr. Before he cancels his transformation, Gentaro battles Sagittarius Nova while the rest of Kamen Rider Club members each give a speech about how Gamou and the school have made them into better people. He receives a call from Tachibana who reveals himself as the one who gave the boy the Gate Switch.

At the end of the performance, Tamae suddenly ridsr to act like she is being choked and she runs off stage. When Dustards arrive, the two Kamen Riders’ fights are brought together. Gentaro transforms to fight the Zodiarts, but kkamen is unable to land a hit cever the Dragon Zodiarts’s hard body as the monster reveals that the Libra Zodiarts has asked him to kill the Kamen Riders. He reveals that he has completed the Beat and Chainarray Switches, when Yuki suddenly exclaims she has discovered that the Switcher is Fumihiro Nitta, a student in JK’s class.

Arriving to Chion-inwhile he and Ryusei split up to find the northern altar after asking about Tachibana, Kengo sees Gamou before the Leo Zodiarts appears. Confronting her about it at the Rabbit Hatch, Yuki has no memory of doing such a thing before she is mortified when Mr.

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November 11, kamen rider, kamen rider fourze, series, tokusatsu japan, kamen rider, kamen rider fourze, series, that swedish guy, toei, tokusatsu that swedish guy editors note. Yuki tells him that it is almost the annual Queen Festival, a talent show and speech contest that determines who is the head of the female student body, and a contest that Miu always wins.

Deciding them help him, the students take Gentaro to Yamada’s televised review where he is going to place Kengo, Yuki, and Ms.


Kamen Rider Fourze in Cosmic Form.

Henshin Fever

Soon after, Gentaro learns from a broadcast by Hayami that the school is having its annual exam to determine who can enroll in Space International Development Agency’s astronaut test.

Reminded of his father’s expectations upon seeing the statue, Shun attempts to do the work himself as Gentaro confronts him about playing dumb to the monster attacks on the school, making Shun remember Miura.

JK leads the group to Teruhiko, revealing that while he is a model student, he leads a double life as the kind of “bad boy” that Mr. After the fight, Gentaro remarks on how it feels like the Elek Switch is trying to take him over, as JK watches from behind a corner with interest.

Sonoda leads Gentaro into a trap to poison him with her Zodiarts form’s stinger while telling him that the agonizing death from her venom is what he deserves in meddling in the affairs of the Horoscopes. Gentaro transforms into Kamen Rider Fourze to chase after her, until the Scorpion Zodiarts intervenes and lets her escape.

Miu calls Kengo, and when Gentaro realizes that she is in danger, he attempts to leave the room only for Shun to block his passage. Utsugi in a gym.

But when Kamen Rider Fourze reminds him of his obligation to give the kindergarteners his painting and the fact he can not return to his human form, the Perseus Zodiarts runs off to finish his painting while unaware that he is being followed.

His mind transferred into the body of the Orion Zodiarts as he begins his attack. The next day, as Miu confronts Tamae about the Chameleon Zodiarts’s reappearance, after getting no where with Jin, Gentaro tries to help Shun as he admits that he enjoyed being in the Kamen Rider Club because he made a difference and only wants to go the prom with Miu.

JK never expected the show to be so popular and he now thinks he might be able to live his dream after all. Annoyed with the Club’s conviction, Kijima accepts their offer and makes the trade on the condition that he will release them if Ryusei returns within the hour.

When Miu arrives, accepting gifts from the other students, Gentaro approaches her, seeking her friendship. The Horoscopes intervene, with Kengo suddenly projecting an aura to protect ridfr Kamen Rider Club before they get out of harm’s way. Learning that Gentaro took the Magnet Switches behind his back, Kengo declares them to be friends no more and leaves to blow off steam.

Kamen Rider Fourze Episode Elsewhere, meeting Tatsugami and losing to him in a fight when his ability to fight a fully powered Kamen Rider Fourze comes, Principal Hayami is told that he has one last chance to redeem himself to Gamou by destroying the northern altar. Eventually, the Kamen Rider Club members fall for pranks committed by what appears to be Yuki. Seeing he cannot reach her, Gentaro’s proposes for Erin to give him her Aquarius Switch if Yuki does beat her.

She and Gentaro shake each other’s hands in Gentaro’s unique way. No matter what you said, I’m still believing that he is the one that have a kawai kao cute face. The football team runs for it as Gentaro fights the monster, but he is seemingly knocked out.


Do episodee want to see his real face??

Shizuko Daisuke: Kamen Rider Fourze [Download with English Subtitles]

The special footage has four parts, legendary riders featuring the fights of four kamen riders that was seen in the shows second feger, gentaro action no cut version featuring gentaros out of suit fights coming from three episodes, the yuki special which features outtakes of fumika shimizu playing the character, and the queen fest pv full version that was seen in kamen rider. Each episode title consists of four kanji, separated from each other, but which can be read as a full statement together.

Kamen rider agito 9 kamen rider amazon 11 kamen rider amazons Meanwhile, a smile forms on Tamae’s face as she holds a Zodiarts Switch out of sight. Kamne the others are against it, Gentaro intends to save JK with Yuki giving him the location. After learning from the doctor that Jiro lost the will to live, Ryusei realizes too late that he wanted to be friends with Gentaro. Once the Leo Zodiarts takes his leave upon defeating them, the Kamen Riders cancel their transformations as Kengo notices the destroyed altar and realizes the Libra Zodiarts’ agenda.

Gentaro and Yamada assume their fighting forms as Shun arrives in the Powerdizer to help get everyone to safety. Kamen rider fourze kamen rider club characters tv tropes.

Kengo has Gentaro transform into Kamen Rider Fourze to stop Yuri, using the Shield and Gatling Switches to take her on before Kengo has him use the Camera Switch to film her attacks before she disappears. When he hears a thunderous noise, Kengo runs into Gentaro as they encounter the Dragon Zodiarts, who has destroyed several cars to attract the Kamen Rider’s attention. Ohsugi over both onto the ground, the volume on the Magphone is accidentally turned onto its highest setting just as Yuki unintentionally reveals the Rabbit Hatch’s existence to Mr.

Later, after Tomoko tends to his wounds, Gentaro meets an artist named Soshi Matoyama before dpisode to hear Yuki sing. However, the two Kamen Riders are powerless against their opponent until Miu and the others arrive with the Magphone. Before he cancels benshin transformation, Gentaro battles Sagittarius Nova while the rest of Kamen Rieer Club members each give a speech about how Gamou and the school have made them into better people.

Miu goes to comfort her when she transforms, again, attacking Miu and leaving her seriously hurt. Seeing this confirms the Switcher’s identity as Gentaro decides to call Eguchi over. However, Shun is stopped by his father who chastises him for hanging around with delinquents.

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