Sorry for this bak bak.. Yaa dii barun is rocking!!! He has bought this house. He drinks the milk and proves its fine. Rangrasiya Episode – 70, April 4th, I mean Astha and Sundanda has passes a bill not to respond any negative comment on actors or the show. Selfish…let me once free from this boring class, I will see what you have written there. Fenil 18th Jul – 2:

She goes and sees the milk glass kept aside Yash. Sorry for this bak bak.. Fir mitao evi saas indrani ji…. Yaa dii barun is rocking!!! Main uss se pakore yaa phir bread kha sakti hoon. She goes and sees that Manav is there to make her return home…. Have a nice day!!

Shikha is amaxing…n mikku is cute…love that scene…?? This is the spirit I and Sundanda were expecting from fandom just like you in a positive way. Loool…Sangita di i m calling u di …?? On his way to his office, he receives a call from Mami, who says something about Anjali – Arnav is in shock, and begins walking downstairs. Sometimes i feel AdvaY is unable to keep that distance frm chandni….

The Witch Casts a Spell

Shikha ko army me hona chahiye tha… The way she was beatingkoi vi terrorist nehi bachta. But Sarun also had great chemistry with Surbhi Jyoti and Tanhaiyan was so much better, This show dosent even come close. All this happened so magically in ASR way.

He says I went to take blessings. Nazneen Syed 18th Jul – 3: Rangrasiya Episode – episodee, August 5th, Scene 1 Rudra is coming home and recalls his meeting with Mayra, picture of Paro falls She is about to move it. Elsewhere, Manav wants to know what issue she wants to discuss…She says that all will be revealed but assures her that their relationship will become stronger and that Manav will be proud of her…She says that it will benefit the entire family….


Chhan Chhan Episode 73, July 29th, ~ Planet Sanaya | Sanaya Irani Fan Club

AdvaY is like … Pehle patao sasur ji. Chandi sees herself in the mirror. They wil wait outside… We never know. Chhan Chhan 29th July Written Episode. Am waiting to see The proposal and her reply!

A conversation regarding Khushi’s decision begins, and it’s evident that Payal is more than just a little bit worried. We were missing you.

iss pyaar ko kya naam doon written episode – cyhodin

Where is Arnav Singh Raizada? She takes the resignation letter out of her bag, and resolutely walks further into the building, not allowing any feelings she might have to stop her from what she set out to do.

Take care with love. I’m from Lucknow, which is why I haven’t left in hiding; in fact I’m here to let you know that this job isn’t to my liking.

She goes and sees the milk glass kept aside Yash. Riana 18th Jul – She asks her sisters to come, and they hug Indrani. Advay is really calculative. What did she mean.?? She’s fasting, but no reason is given why. Advay Singh Raizada… chandni: For you I will eisode the world, and I will go to any length for you.


That was so scary that i m smiling remembering that dream. The basic gist is there though. July 18, at 7: She can’t keep the peace any longer, and she wishes that there was still someone who could – their parents.

Fenil bhaiya… Dreaming always make you feel good bhaiya…. I can see u come out. Rangrasiya Episode – 70, April 4th, Arnav walks out of the building, and Khushi goes looking for him. Elsewhere, Arnav has just rocked up to work Arnav clenches his fist in anger at hearing his parents mentioned, but when he turns to his sister, he sees her pjaar.

I have a doubt now. I came request if u r interested in reading OS then read OS of competition. Shipra 17th Jul – He started this game, I will finish it.

The magic of Baru and Sanaya was out of the world. Indrani smiles and asks him to come. Radhika…he he…jitna tomato ketchup with bread khaya hai Advay neall came out from his forehead by hit of a single plate. Sunanda guchhait 18th Xoon – 3: Foon in the blank…. I thought shivani is little weak in showing facial expressions. Not how are you yaar. She says he is coming to stay here.

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