Houdini Heart by Ki Longfellow Рbook cover, description, publication history. Title: Houdini Heart Author: Ki Longfellow First Published: Rating: 5/5 ( Originally, I gave it a 4, for my lack of enthusiasm for the ending. Compre o livro Houdini Heart na : confira as ofertas para livros em inglês e They draw you into insanity along with the author Ki Longfellow.

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Longfellow began writing in earnest. Sep 05, Cutie17 rated it it was headt Shelves: Weeks ago, she was one of Hollywood’s biggest writers, wed to one of its greatest stars. Is her experience of the seance real or the product of an insanity-laden mind? I loved the ambiguous, mutable nature of the story. Buy Houdini Heart Now I love still asking these questions.

Perhaps she has gone home where she belongs. Deal Me In Challenge: She’s hungry and there’s food here.

Houdini Heart – Ki Longfellow – Google Books

What is the boundary between reality and fiction? But then Longfellow has to go and blur the line between life and story as the narrator realizes: All three books are now in active pre-production.

It’s deceptively light conversational style like the best of Stephen King suckered me right in and before I knew it, pages flying by, I was deep into this masterfully written supernatural psychodrama, like M R James by way of Patricia Highsmith. On September 9, they married in the register office at Sunbury-on-Thames. There are musings or metaphorical engagements on creativity, inspiration, aging, memory, marriage, parenthood, addiction, bitterness, longing, complacency, abuse, fame, architecture, small towns, love, hate, guilt, revenge, facing longflelow, running away and many other Big Themes, including k of an archetypal or mythic nature.


Her first book, “China Blues,” now republished, was the subject of a bidding war. It would make a wonderful inclusion in a book of modern fairy tales or folklore, and she uses it to great effect.

Ki Longfellow

This is NOT your usual horror. Someone else researched the Windigo to understand the central “idea.

Also, unlike many of the works which the narrator discusses, and which the author evokes within the book, it did not scare me. Not that is becomes garbled, and it never becomes too weird, but some of the things that happen are little too extreme, too hard to explain away as the main character losing her mind.

It’s what she does for a living. Did I enjoy it? Others want things spelled out.

I think this is a great book. And our heroine is honest, funny, witty, lost, broken yet still standing in her disintigrating world, and so finely drawn that no matter what she’s done, or longfellos, you can’t help but love her understand. I will definately read this book again.

Book Review: Houdini Heart by Ki Longfellow | Read the Gamut

They were together for five years and kk became a British citizen. Some think she’s trapped in a haunted house. I loved “Houdini Heart” and could prattle on for hours about Longfellow’s first-person pov of a murderous, cannibalistic slide into absolute madness.


I can hear the woman talking talking talking even now, commenting on her own interesting slide into insanity or into the black hole that is River House or into true sanity which is creative.

They’re uncomfortable not being sure. Houdini Heart has been compared to the films of David Lynch and Alfred Hitchcock and to the literary works of several authors, including Lovecraft, Poe, Shirley Jackson and Steven King, as well as specifically to The Yellow Wallpaper and House of Leaves, and I can raise no argument against such comparisons. The doting mother of their golden child. Poe, Lovecraft, Shirley Jackson, but speaks with a wholly fresh voice.

There’s nothing wrong with Houdini Heart for me not to give it 5 stars and I might change the rating shortly. The sub-text in certain passages rattled me. I’ve started this houdiini review five times now.

I wound up not knowing my own knees from my elbows. To ask hiudini readers questions about Houdini Heartplease sign up. Definitely quiet horror, which I find much more chilling than the over-the-top, in-your-face variety. As of this has not been completed. It’s very clear now.