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Hoodoo Rootwork Correspondence Course : A One-Year Series of Weekly…

AIRR promotes quality service and ethical conduct by means of accreditation and evaluation of our participants. Unlike commercial online psychic reader services, AIRR is a participants-supported non-for-profit directory listing that receives no fees or kickbacks for referrals.

In his extensive survey of rootworkers during the early s, Harry Middleton Hyatt recorded an interview correspondence which the quadrennial meetings of a group of African American Spiritualist psychic readers were mentioned, but details about the organization are not found in Hyatt’s records aside from the mention that his interview subject said that the famous Arkansas hoodoo rootworker Aunt Caroline Dye had been a member and that the next meeting was to be held in New Orleans in Dye was immortalized in song with the lines, “I’m going to Newport News just to see Aunt Caroline Dye; she’s a fortune-telling woman, she don’t tell no lie.

The 20th century saw the gradual loosening of laws in the U. The increased freedoms permitted to those who performed divination or magic for hire led to a renewed and open engagement of the public through frank discussions about occultism and, especially within the African American community, a resumption corresponednce the practice of these types of spiritual services.

During the s, catherine yronwode laboured to produce a reflection, both in her books and as part of her instruction, of the conjure practices she had learned from the proprietors and customers of her local candle shops, as well as the numerous rootworkers she interviewed during her life.

She also sought to promote, through the vehicle of her Lucky Mojo Curio Company and her published books, a high quality of magical goods for use within the hoodoo tradition, effectively not only preserving its lore but also its traditional content.

Her popularization of the work through the Internet combined with, and contributed to, the burgeoning popularity of occult practices and the numbers and types of hoodoo services rootworj hire at the opening of the 21st century.

During the early years of the 21st century, people associated with Missionary Independent Spiritual ChurchFour Altars Gospel Sanctuaryand catherine yronwode’s Hoodoo Rootwork Correspondence Course began to seriously consider the complaints they were hearing about unethical conduct among readers and root doctors who advertised on the Internet. They discussed whether a means of providing assurances as to the quality of services rendered or the opening of mediation when clients felt that they were unfairly treated would be valuable to the hoodoo community.

Missionary Independent Spiritual Church was founded on June 6,and held an official consecration of its new church building on May 12, Candle services for the public, which had formerly been held at a cooperative occult shop space on behalf of the church, were finally relocated to the church building at that time, and the space was also made available for the use of mediums, diviners, and readers who served the public.

Six months later, during a Board Meeting of the church in Novembercatherine and Dr. Christos Kioni presented their ideas about the need for a psychic readers ‘ and hoodoo rootworkers’ organization that could vouch for the authenticity and the ethics of its members. One of the concepts they agreed upon immediately rootwori that a prerequisite for entrance into such an organization of readers and rootworkers would be that applicants had graduated from Miss Cat’s Hoodoo Rootwork Correspondence Course.


Another prerequisite they agreed upon was that applicants would be examined and certified for professionality by Elders of the church.

In November,the church board passed a decision to found AIRR — then called UISP The Union of Independent Spiritual Practitioners — as a church committee, and to fund its development as part of the church’s ongoing mission of education and outreach to the public. In the minutes for the board meeting of November 21,it was stated that.

A year passed, during which time the church grew, continuing its candle ministries and expanding its membership. In May of the church, under the leadership of Robin Yorkundertook to sponsor its first Annual MISC Convocation and Spiritual Training Workshops, featuring hands-on educational programs on the basics of hoodoo rootworkspiritual candle services, and the arts of divination and mediumship.

Hoodoo Rootwork Correspondence Course by Catherine Yronwode

Funding for this event was raised from the “table fees” that readers at Missionary Independent Spiritual Church paid for the use of church space while conducting readings for clients. Early inmembers of the church board, acting on the ideas approved a little over a year earlier, set about making the vision of a professional organization for hoodoo practitioners into a reality, under the technical guidance of Leah Rivera, Art Roberts, nagasiva yronwode, and catherine yronwode and with the assistance of numerous volunteers, all of whom were graduates of catherine’s course of instruction on hoodoo and had been hand-picked by the MISC board to function as founders of the AIRR development committee.

Founding members included Robin YorkProf. This website, its content, and the standards and procedures for application, are a direct result of the efforts of these founders of AIRR. AIRR opened its rolls to new applicants for participation on June 6,the third anniversary of the founding of the church. The cprrespondence list of active members can be found in the column at the left of this and every page at the AIRR site.

The development of the educational aspects of this site is a collaborative workreflecting the contributions of many volunteers.

Full credits for the texts and photographs on these pages can be found at our page of Site Credits. Participation in the AIRR Tech Team — rpotwork the contribution of collaboratively researching, writing, and illustrating AIRR web pages that describe historical and contemporary worldwide traditions of religion, divination, seership, spirit mediumshipand magical spell-casting — is limited to professional psychic readers and rootworkers practicing in the folk magic tradition of hoodoo and conjure who have agreed to abide by the Code corrrespondence Ethics and Code of Conduct of AIRR.

The psychic readers and hoodoo rootworkers’ of AIRR are known for their authenticity and high ethical standards.

All AIRR associates are graduates of catherine yronwode’s Hoodoo Rootwork Correspondence Coursehave been practicing for clients for couree minimum of two years, and have been examined and certified for professionality by Bishops of the church, by the chairwoman of the AIRR Committee of the church, and by a representative Associate of AIRR.

We accept applications for Association with AIRR from practitioners whose training, skills, and ethical standards are commensurate with our requirements. If you think you might qualify, you may review the application form.

As site sponsors, these volunteer-donors are entitled to a name listing on web pages throughout the site and a link to their own site. Some practitioners have donated literally tens of thousands of page-impressions of the AIRR logo for the benefit of this site. AIRR Tech Team volunteers meet once a week to update and improve the AIRR web site, writing new pages and revising extant page to provide an ever-growing source of reputable information about hoodoo, psychic readingsconjuredivination, rootworkcokrse practices, and religious organizations of all types.


The coursee of becoming an AIRR Associate include the opportunity to support the free distribution of knowledge about contemporary and traditional spiritual practices with a world-wide audience, and being listed on the AIRR website with a couse endorsement as a reputable and ethical reader or root doctor.

AIRR also provides Associates with the services of an Ombudsman who will mediate and attempt to resolve cases of complaints by clients who have been disappointed with the service which they were provided. As an educational and charitable project of Missionary Independent Spiritual ChurchHoocoo is wholly supported by the generous donations of correspondenxe Associates, their clients, and the public at large who appreciates and would like to support this worthy enterprise.

Should you decide that you would like to make a contribution to AIRR to assist in covering our continued operating expenses, please contact our Treasurer, Christy Porterfield, via email treasurer missionaryindependent. If you have skills and time that you would like courze donate for the benefit our association, such as technical expertise in the operation and construction of websites, Media-wiki rotwork, or other features which may serve our membership, whether or not you are already affiliated with AIRR or intending to offer reading or rootwork services to others, please contact us via email, with an explanation of how you would like to participate.

AIRR, as an outreach program of Missionary Independent Spiritual Churchoffers a limited number of readings and rootwork spells to those in financial need on a pro bono basis.

The Pro Bono Fund collects and distributes goods such as spiritual supplies, and services, including readingsaltar work and prayersand various forms of root doctoring, to indigent clients. It operates under the direction of a rootsork Chairperson, who is solely responsible for the rootwrok of volunteer donations of goods and labour, and for the distribution of these to indigent clients.

If you, as a satisfied Client of AIRR, want to give a thanks-offering for the successful outcome of your petitions or prayers, we encourage you to make a small donation via Paypal to the AIRR PRo Bono Fund — the only fund of its kind, a Reading and Rootwork Fund that helps indigent clients receive professional spiritual help at no cost or rotwork greatly reduced cost.

These pages contain general information for the public about dealing with psychics readershow to get a psychic readingand how to keep yourself safe from psychic reading scams and frauds:. These pages tell you corresponndence how the AIRR site developed within the educational and spiritual outreach program of the Missionary Independent Spiritual Church movement:.

Hoodoo Rootwork Correspondence Course Curriculum

As a non-profit service, AIRR is supported by the following individuals, groups, sponsors, and underwriters — and by the generous contributions of readers like you:. These pages contain the forms and documents used for communication within AIRR, and are posted here for the use of our members and in the interest of transparency to all members of the public who are searching for honest psychic reading services:. Retrieved from hoodoo http: Views Page Discussion View source History.

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