Announcements. New to the game? Check out the links on the FAQ page. Live streams wiki. Match threads: How to request a thread via the bot. Harsha Bhogle speaks about Excellence at IIM Ahmedabad. Email me for info on how to get Harsha Bhogle speech DVDs for free. You can. Harsha Bhogle is an Indian cricket Commentator and journalist. He was born in a Marathi speaking family in Hyderabad.

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Its very big in size seech I am having some trouble uploading to the site. Excellence, after all, lies in the present. Brijesh May 26,3: Mistakes are your best friends.


R August 6,4: Can I bring this to my profession what this cameraman brings to his? Bhkgle can be created by starting a self post with “[Sledge Thread]”.

This is a facebook fan page.

Experience in china by real dudes. Quite inspiring… any transcript available? Thanks a bunch for the video dude! Rohan Ahalpara October 16, Trey Powell June 14,6: Mohit Shah September 18,5: The end is crucial.


If I had a penny for each time I came here… Amazing writing! This morning, these words have a very important meaning to me! This video has definitely hbogle an impact on me and wish it continues to do so for others as well! This has been truely amazing to listen to Harsha.

Brijesh April 4,1: The speech helps me to remain positive. Krishna September 28,5: Shashin Shah May 13,6: Speecj, I am glad you liked it. I want to download these videos.

He is not just a commentator, he is much more. In addition can I have one copy of this video so that i can share it with my other friends. Blatant racism or trolling WILL result in a permanent ban without warning.

Hi Brijesh, Brilliant stuff, thank you for getting this video out, it really is very inspiring. The Mods’ interpretations of the above laws is final. Brijesh June 15,4: It is what you make of that talent that matters.

Harsha Bhogle’s speech on excellence | deepakwaje

To find out more, including how to control cookies, see here: Dear Brijesh, Outstanding post. Brijesh March 3, It is what you do with the talent matters.


Govind Sodani October 9,7: My email ID is gsodani harshw. The one video that everyone should definitely watch. Hey this is a nice speech. The moment you allow yourself to go wrong, you fall into a possibility map, then you DO go wrong!

Highlights of Harsha Bhogle’s speech at IIM Ahemadabad

Before several years one could find him on the footpath outside the IIM-A campus, sipping cup of tea at famous spsech tea stall there. Adarsh November 3, Bhagyashree, Email me for info on how to get a free DVD of this video. I saw small clip on utube and googled out of curiosity to check the full version of videothis is how I endup here. Sidhanta Patnaik May 11,7: