I’ve been working on this course for a bit and am not sure how well it is working for anything. I know most people have already dismissed this as. Authors: Harry KahneProduct Types: Free eBooksProduct Categories: Business Excellence, Memory Training, Mind, Body and Spirit, Personal Development. I based this experiment on a guy called Harry Kahne, who lived at the When Kahne was 28, he wrote up his multiple mentality course – a.

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When Kahne was 28, he wrote up his multiple mentality course — a guide for others to follow in learning to do what he had done. The drawbacks are the very inflexible schedule, and the switchover phase when your brain adapts to the new schedule, which lasts about days, during which you are an absolute zombie… but dude, hour days! This was Harry Kahne’s demonstration of doing six things at once i. I learned that I use the visual part of my mind for spelling even spelling out loud and mixing up the letters of various words together, while I use the auditory part of my mind for reciting poems.

Of course, mind training can only benefit us in proportion to the time and effort with which mentalityy devote to it. The practice was so mind-intensive that I felt completely wiped out by the end of each half-hour.

Harry Kahne’s “The Multiple Mentality Course” – General Memory Chat – Art of Memory Forum

Stress can then contribute to physiological and psychological disruptions which bring about disease and illness. But more practically, to be able to still work while colleagues are talking to me. I did this for half an hour per day, for about two weeks. Cancel reply Leave a Comment.

The Multiple Mentality Course

Hi, I’m Vlad, and I’m a life coach. However, such as it was, he taught it to work for him. He has acquired this mental training — this ability to make his brain cells really work — unconsciously. Problems that plagued us before will become easy to solve and the correctdecisions will always be readily available. His was only an average brain made to perform certain tasks for him.


On the other hand, writing down the words of a poem while trying to say coherent stuff, or even while reciting another poem was damn near impossible. We are incapable, at present, of viewing many conflicting factors, simultaneously: Education had no bearing upon it.

Weighing them iahne by side at one and the same time; balancing them, one against another, concurrently; reaching almost instantaneously a decision which we knowin the depths of our being, is the correct decision; and acting upon it promptly with the courage that comes with such conviction. Hence, very often, stress sets in. The answer always pops into my mind and still does.

Introduction to Multiple Mentalism discusses how difficult and near impossible tasks become easy and simple to do with Harry Kahne’s methods of mental discipline training. Now our brightest and best students have shown an average drop in SAT scores since the early, speculative arguments that blame television, permissiveness, and education teaching methods abound in this controversy.

I did not want to give up my daydreams, but on the other hand, I had a distinct aversion to corporal punishment.

My multiple mentality experiment In my most recent experiment, I tried to develop multiple mentality — being able to do several things at once. Have you made further progress? Carrel wrote the book in the early ‘s. The interesting thing is — I also learned that I use the visual part of my mind for doing calculations… but the auditory part to keep track of intermediate results in a long calculation.

FB Harry Kahne The Multiple Mentality Course – The Best You

Here are some of the experiences reported by users of Beyond Being:. Complete this course and success can be yours and your hidden dreams can multlple concrete realization.

Is my brain capable of carrying on four to six independent functions at one and the same time as yours does? And now, on October 18th, I finally have the perfect convenient time to switch!

I needed about an hour of rest to get back to normal on everyday life stuff carrying on conversations, etc. The first lessons are almost childishly simple.


He has not realized that he has been training and developing his mind to do so. Giving you a total of 2 hours of sleep every hour period… in other words, hour days! One mentaality the more self-improvement changes was I mulyiple situations which where previously very stressful for me. Isn’t the ability to master your training confined to well educated people? On the contrary, I think we just need to learn how to maintain short-term memory, despite the effects that multiple mentalities have on mu,tiple.

Yeah, I know it might be a really stupid thing to do, but the potential for awesomeness is just too great for me to pass by.

Notify me of followup comments via e-mail. Which, incidentally, only takes up about an hour and a half of your sleep mulhiple each night. The closest I ever got to multiple mentality was while writing down two words with their letters mixed up, while spelling out two different words, again with their letters mixed up. This comes with alot of practise and effort.

My Personal Development Experiments – September Update

Instead, we will be mentally alive and feel at ease with ourselves. I have doing a lot of multiple tasks in the past 2 years, and I have many situations where I find it hard to remember a 8-digit number.

I loosely based my personal development experiment on that course, adjusting it to make it fun and interesting for myself. This course may not turn us into an Einstein or an Edison, but it will help us to think with more of what GOD gave us — our brains. Follow the instructions conscientiously and you will be amazed at your own ability to perform mental feats that you previously had not thought possible of yourself.

Hire Vlad Testimonials Latest Posts. This way, I kept track of my progress.