Greasecar kit install Alternative Diesel Fuels (Biodiesel, WVO, SVO, BTL, GTL etc ). Find Greasecar Vegetable Fuel Systems: Installation DVD A4 Volkswagen Jetta TDI, at Movies & TV, home of thousands of titles on. Does anyone have the instructions to install one of these? I have most of the parts I think, minus the T used on the coolant. I Think I understand.

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November 23rd, They really need to revise the kit. Just picked up the kit bc it was cheap enough. Will a Greasecar fuel system reduce emissions? I think this is a bit overpriced There is virtually nowhere to mount them with these brakcets.

Quote message in reply? Will adding a Greasecar Vegetable Fuel System void my vehicles warranty? I hate to hearthat they sent you the wrong size T fitting. Installatjon have over k on the Veggi oil all together.

Options Quote message in reply? Does anyone have the instructions to install one of these? A Greasecar system is for use with straight, unprocessed, new or used vegetable oil. What about custom tanks? The electrical connectors are crap sizes. Southern Caifornia TDI s: The most common diesel passenger vehicles in the US are made by Volkswagen and Mercedes.

Will oil go bad? The vehicles existing diesel tank and filter will supply diesel fuel to the engine at start up and shut down. The tee provided is a tiny bit small, but the hose clamps secure it fine. Some customers claim to notice smoother acceleration when running vegetable oil. They didn’t iinstallation enough fuel line and they sent 2 of the “Main and Aux” switches instead of 1 main and aux switch and a purge switch. Originally Posted by Forcedinduction View Post. These heat exchangers will heat the vegetable greaseczr in the fuel filter, lines and fuel tank.


This enables the injection system to be purged of vegetable oil in a very short period of time while priming unheated lines in the engine compartment with diesel. Due to a slightly cooler burn some studies have shown NOX reductions when burning vegetable oil. Generally we have found that the addition of a conversion system will, at the most, void coverage of fuel system components only. Filter replacement intervals depend on how clean oil is before it is poured into the fuel tank.

Greasecar Kit Install – Mercedes-Benz Forum

Is there any extra maintenance to be done on a Greasecar? They should have ggeasecar it the other way. There have been no complaints of power loss with converted vehicles. Some vehicles will be more complicated than others, if you are concerned about your ability to successfully install the product, we can put you in contact with an installation specialist.

Find More Posts by KansasDiesel. I have already cut my heater hoses from the firewall You don’t need a different size tee for the coolant connection to the stock hose. Originally Posted by cooljjay View Post.


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Is Greasecar worth it?? Theoretically this is possible, although modification of a existing tank is not something Greasecar offers a system for. Find More Posts by latitude In order to be able to post messages on the Mercedes-Benz Forum forums, you must first greaseccar. Got ya, I don’t think mine has ever been run on it.

I am looking for a new beetle TDI once I find it my own kit will be installed. As a sulfur free, bio-mass fuel vegetable oil emissions are less harmful to the environment and less toxic to people and animals.

Our standard systems are designed to work with many diesel passenger vehicles and pickup trucks custom kits available for larger instalaltion. Most Greasecar users fuel their vehicles with filtered frying oil that is collected from inwtallation restaurants.

What if you can’t find vegetable oil? The heat will reduce the viscosity of vegetable oil so that it is similar to diesel and can be injected into the engine properly.

There must be a cheaper way to build them. When I got my kit back in March, everything in the box and ready to go. Biodiesel is a chemically engineered fuel, including vegetable oil, petroleum diesel, catalyst chemicals and some form of ester alcohols.

What does the “backflush” do?