Gesta Francorum et aliorum Hierosolimitanorum. The Deeds of the Franks and the other Pilgrims to Jerusalem. Edited with a facing-page English translation. Gesta Francorum Et Aliorum Hierosolimitanorum has 38 ratings and 4 reviews. Mary Kate said: With a facing-page English translation from the Latin text. This new translation offers a faithful yet accessible English-language rendering of the twelfth-century Gesta Francorum et aliorum Hierosolomitanorum, the.

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There is a great deal gestq mystery surrounding this anonymous account, especially in regard to its authorship; place, date, and purpose of composition; narrative methodology; and point of view. He gave commands to his vassals, saying, “Approach the city gradually. Then six battle lines were formed from the forces within the city.

Internet History Sourcebooks Project

Raymond of Toulouse The Count of St. This text is part of the Internet Medieval Source Book. At length they reached Nicomedia, where the Lombards and Longobards and Alemanni separated from the Franks because the Franks were constantly swelled with arrogance.

Several of them they seized and led them, bound, into the presence of Bohemund, who spoke to them as follows: Bohemund straightway dismounted and gave orders to the rest, saying, “Go with secure mind and happy accord, and climb by ladder into Antioch which, if it please God, we shall have in our power immediately.

Moreover, as the other lines saw that the standard of Bohemund was so gloriously borne before rnglish, they went back to the battle again, geesta with one accord our men attacked the Turks, who, all amazed, took to flight.

The Emperor had ordered such a market as was in the city to be given to these people. Therefore, if it seems good and honorable to you, let one of us put himself ahead of the rest, and if he can acquire or contrive the capture of the city by any plan or scheme, by himself, or through the help of others, let us with frahcorum voice grant him the city as a gift.

And so I beseech you, dearest son, to yield to my advice never to let it rest in your mind, or be found in your counsel, to wish to undertake war with the Christian host. The most iniquitous barbarians came out cautiously and, rushing violently upon us, killed many of our knights and foot soldiers who were off their guard. The Eighth Narrative March to June Tancred, indeed, swore and promised in this manner: Tracy Willburn rated it liked it Mar frajcorum, But on the third day after we had entered the town, Curbara’s advance guard ran fnglish front of the city; his army, however, encamped at the Iron Gate.


Full text of “Gesta Francorum”

The Victory at Nicea. The Gesta Francorum closely parallels the account of the First Crusade by the priest and crusader Peter TudebodeHistoria de Hierosolymitano itinere. Was it, perchance, for the reason that you wished to betray these knights and the host of Christ, as you betrayed others in Hispania?

Nate rated it it was amazing Sep 04, Accordingly, upon hearing the statements of that man who reported to us the revelation of Christ trancorum the words of the apostle, we went in haste immediately to the place in the church of St.

They found a certain fortress, Xerogord by name, which was empty of people, and they seized it. The Agulani were three thousand in number and feared neither lances, arrows, nor any kind of arms, because they and all their horses were fitted with iron all around, and they refused to carry englixh arms except swords into battle.

With a facing-page English translation from the Latin text. Showers of weapons darkened the air. Francodum Turks, moreover, seeing that they could have no further aid from their armies, sent a message to the Emperor that they would willingly surrender the city, if he would permit them to go entirely away with their wives and children and all their substance. Moreover, we set up the tower at earliest dawn and equipped and covered it on the first, second, and third days of the week.

This all happened in the month of October. Likewise, I hold all of them now in my hand. In addition, let all know, also, that I have the Francorm shut up in Antioch, and that I hold the citadel at my free disposal, while they the enemy are entlish in the city. I have helped you in goodly manner and I will now help you.

He received it with great joy and entered into an agreement with Bohemund that the pagans who wished to take up Christianity might remain enylish him Bohemundand that he should permit those who wished to go away to depart safe and without any hurt. However, when besta Saracens saw our men engaged in this work, they greatly strengthened the fortifications of the city and increased the height of the turrets at night.

The Deeds of the Franks and Other Jerusalem-Bound Pilgrims

The Emperor, upon hearing that the Turks had so frandorum our people, was exceedingly glad and sent for them the Turks had them cross the Strait. He likewise took oath that he, together with his army, would come with us, by land and by sea; that be would afford us faithfully a market by land and sea, and that be would diligently make good our losses; in addition, that be did not wish, and would not permit, any of our pilgrims to be disturbed or come to grief on their way to the Holy Sepulchre.


The Emir of Jerusalem came to his aid with an army, and the King of Damascus arrived there with a very large host. Certainly, if you undertake this battle against them, yours will be the very greatest loss and disgrace, and you will lose many of your faithful knights and all the spoils which you have with you, and you will turn in flight with exceeding fear. The Sourcebook is a collection of public domain and copy-permitted texts related to medieval and Byzantine history.

He then began to inquire closely what fighting arms these people bore, and what sign of Frncorum they carried on the way, or what battle cry they shouted.

Her son said ” Even if such is the case, I will not refrain from fighting with them. Frzncorum and with great baste be francoruk the standards of the Franks. Gilles erected his tower on the plain to the south of the city. I recognize you as so honorable and wise that I will fully consent to whatever good you wish to do.

Peter ad Vincula they likewise chose as Patriarch a certain very wise and honorable man, Arnulf by name. Where is most fierce Bohemund, that unconquered knight?

Indeed this excommunicated race filled all the mountains, hills, valleys, and plains on all sides, both inside and outside of the battlefield.

It is also a sweeping tale that swiftly moves from the first preaching of the crusade by Pope Urban II, to the ragtag and ultimately doomed effort of the popular People’s Crusade, and then the more disciplined and concerted campaign by the French and Norman nobility that led to the conquest of the Holy Land by the crusaders.

But Peter the Hermit had franccorum to Constantinople a short while before because he was unable to restrain that varied host, which was not willing to listen either to him or to his words.