Arturo Ponce de Leon is the author of Psicogeometria Geometría Sagrada y Arquitectura Biológica ( avg rating, 1 rating, 0 reviews), Biofractal the Sc. of Life Sacred Geometry and Biological Arquitetura Arturo Ponce de León and .. Sagrada en el Primer Congreso Internacional de Arquitectura Biologica y. La Universidad Online de Geometría Sagrada contiene decenas de horas de Aprende acerca de una amplia gama de temas como Psicogeometría, Arquitectura Biológica, Bioconstrucción, Permacultura, Lugar: Monterrey, Nuevo León.

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There currently exists a remarkable movement to remember those laws and apply them to the creation of structures more suitable to the principles of life. Importantly, to the extent that we move away from 0 and take larger terms, the number phi is refined. This principle of Fourier transformation frequency register means that even the most complex form is a simple sum of sine waves of different lengths.

From Sumer, the birthplace of civilization according to historians, three branches of knowledge stretch out, passed on like a lighted torch reaching our times. In this process he achieved incorporating the creation of self similarities process that allows him to evolve in order to interact with his environment while it keeps the original form of the species.

The Standing waves give the illusion of solidity, which is the segregation of momentum that made possible the birth of matter. In the same way, we do not hear simple quantitative differences in the sound wave frequencies, but logarithmic, proportional differences, between its frequencies and expansion which constitute the basis of geometrical spirals.

Mother Star or Star of Metatron. Is there a code that unifies and comprises, in a knowledge system, the multiplicity of contradictions that boast culture, religions and science? Sacred Geometry is the fingerprint of Creation and the genesis of all life forms. An orderly arrangement between wave lengths establishes a connection between frequencies and fields.


These terms may seem at first sight a bit confusing nowadays, but in ancient times, the sacred was understood as a whole, what we now call holographic reality or fractal field.

Before following his inner call to Sacred Geometry and Geometry Sustainable worked in major transnational corporations in the field of Systems Development and Satellite Telecommunications. It is also important to mention that if we extend the vertices of the dodecahedron and the icosahedron, we get its reciprocal.

Such is the case of the western culture, highly sophisticated in certain aspects, but destructive in most of those aspects related to the permanence of organic life. From the first peoples, which did use those patterns, the manifestations in any order have been so powerful that they have penetrated time and reached the present in the form of impressive architectural sites, art, music and of scientific knowledge.

Suction creates gravity, in addition to the light speed achieved by the non destructive wave arrangement in this toroid. The unfolding of this unity into divisions is the very first act of Creation. The brain also relies ringing in the top of a spiral coil of glandular “chakras”.

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Let us remember that, according to the theory of Unified or Fractal Field, scientists state that the entire Universe is composed of only one substance. And if one passes his hands all over his body without even touching the skin, the power of that energy field increases.

HRV addition, we measured the IC or internal coherence internal coherence.

We are given a glimpse of the atomic world as packages and bundles of waves, locked in an extended musical geometry of coherent waves hug. In other words, geometrically speaking, first comes the suction of spirals, the tube torus or toroid, represented by the Pentaflower which is a toroid seen from above and then comes the pattern of the Flower of Life.


Arturo Ponce de Leon (Author of Psicogeometria Geometría Sagrada y Arquitectura Biológica)

The matter is just a lot of energy moving so slowly that you can touch. Though many natural forms have fractal-like structures, a mathematical fractal is an object that has at least one of the following characteristics: Geometry is a branch of mathematics that studies idealizations of space such as points, lines, straight lines, planes, polygons, polyhedrons, curves, surfaces, among others.

This can only be achieved by the resonance structure of the ways of the golden ratio. Townsend Brown found experimentally that in a charged capacitor, the resulting gravitational force is oriented toward the positive plate of it, so that if the positive plate is on the negative, the device loses weight, whereas, if you invest the position, the device weighs more.

That means to study these concepts according to their qualitative level, i.

Provide feedback about this page. However, there currently exists no other scientific explanation to the origin of gravitational phenomena. We all know the basic formula for this: We must remember that ancient geometry starts in One, while modern maths starts in zero.

Mother star – 5 Platonic solids self-contained image by Heartcoherence- Dan Winter. Thus, the Atomic Table becomes a simple equipment wave patterns describing valency as symmetry.

In Alchemy, geometry represents the key that holds the principles to transmute lead into gold and vice versa, i. A subtler body than the electromagnetic one is the gravitational body also called astral. AmazonGlobal Ship Orders Internationally. High to Low Avg.