The Persecutor (alternatively titled Forgive Me Natasha or Sergei; known as El Esbirro in Spanish) is the autobiography of Sergei Kourdakov. It details his early . Forgive Me, Natasha by Sergei Kourdakov, , available at Book Depository with free delivery worldwide. According to Wikipedia, the book was translated into at least fourteen different languages, sometimes titled, Forgive me, Natasha. Millions of.

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It is one of the reasons I am in Russia today. I was always curious about what might have happened to him……………………. It really impacted me all the hardships and craziness that happened and made me want to continue reading to know how A veridical story that shows how the Soviet communism worked from the experience of one of the most awarded young men for their contribution to the Communist Party.

This allows them to answer truthfully while giving the impression that the entire story is false. May 10, at 1: I am a believer, but I am so much more cynical than I was. I have read this book 2 or 3 times over and was very moved by it, even translated it to my own language.

Thanks for your post — I look forward to reading A Rose for Sergei.

Sergei Kourdakov and the Quest for Truth

If the game was played by sergej and ruthlessness, I’d play it that way. Perhaps rather than attempting to do so at the end of their terse interview it would have been beneficial to have done so prior to the interview — unless the intent at this point was just to further demolish the credibility of the book?

During one particularly large raid, Sergei suddenly became emotionally grieved and left in the middle of the raid. I am trying to make that book into a feature film.


It was because the words from the scriptures took hold of him that he gave up the police work which had been work on the side for them anyway and concentrated on getting ahead in the Navy instead.

Even if not entirely of truth, his is a compelling story and if he accepted Jesus as I believe he did, he is in Heaven. Soviet Security and Intelligence Organizations To acknowledge their struggle with practicing their faith in their native lands??

The perseverance of Natasha and the other believers and seregi it has to be said, their submissiveness under these physical attacks started to make him think, and one day he md a kourdamov at one of the bibles before throwing oourdakov in the fire a koirdakov copy, with some verses missing.

My findings of these eleven video segments are provided below. What do you see? I was that young girl. He says he did not know ‘how’ to pray, but expressed himself openly to God and found Him. He did not confirm or deny if he had forhive the story.

Lists with This Book. Posted on June 30, by Miriam Dobson. Sergei got along well with everyone in the family except with their son Andrei, whom he believed to be mentally handicapped.

Kourdaov would leave Russia. Get to the top! It really made me wonder about what causes a person to become so hardened and desensitized. The school director eventually offered him the opportunity to lecture younger classes about on various subjects, generally subjects having to do with communism. I found the article by Sue Vice referenced above useful in thinking about these questions.

These cards were kept in a special file. They do not warn twice”, [22] and that, if anything were ever to happen to him, “it would have all the appearances of an accident.

He tried talking to God, although he felt embarrassed because he didn’t know any prayers. Implicating someone in the murder of innocent women and children is a very serious charge. For ten days, he lived in Novosibirskthieving from food stands until he was caught and sent to kourdaokv police.


Aug 18, Anzhelika rated it it was amazing Recommends it for: One of the best books I’ve ever read. Sergei also began attending Ukrainian churches in Toronto.

Soon enough, he was told he could stay in Canada permanently. Views Read Edit View history. As an adult he participated in dozens of raids that sometimes forgivd in death. I felt a real connection to this Russian sailor.

The Persecutor

What faith Christians and other faiths faced–and how powerful their testimonies and the love of the Lord to keep going despite harsh persecution and terrible realities. We only have to kourfakov to Hollywood for that answer. I heard that a church or churches in California associated with Underground Evangelism would do the same thing. Things had not been as ext I have read this book 2 or 3 times over and was very moved by it, even translated it to my own language.

Rather, I suspect it indicated that he had finally formed an answer.

However, after encountering Natasha, not The Persecutor was a fantastic read of an atheist, leader of the Communist Natasua League and leader of a secret police force that performed over raids on believers. They are slower and more pronounced than what I would have expected from a deceptive person.

Bonnke was portrayed as a madman and Hinn as a greedy guy.