I have a Esky Co-commanche with a EKB 4 in 1. I didn’t use it for a long, long time and when I tried to use it, I follow the routine of turning. Cheap controller esc, Buy Quality 4in1 esc directly from China esc controller Suppliers: EKBM 4in1 gyro,mixer,ESC,receiver Controller for ESKY Lama. mixing controller EKB 40Mhz (W/gyro,mixer,ESC,receiver) new model of EK! consists of two circuit boards provide better durability, stability.

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It is behaving like it is getting a signal, but everything is mixed up.

E-Sky EK2-0705B 4 in 1 Controller

Originally Posted e2k-0705b franklinhu. Feb 09, ELE works as it should. None of my controls work consistently. I am having the same issue with Esky 4in1 unit FM35Mhz,i.

Originally Posted by franklinhu Thanks for the suggestions. Remember Me Forgot Password? And started in mid flight, just went wonk and never came back.

I’ve changed the TX batteries, check my heli batteries and used a spare. Return to Coaxial Eskg. I took a look at the TX crystal socket, I can see the sleeves inside of the sockets, so it looks ok. What are the chances that something is wrong with the transmitter instead of the receiver? Moving the throttle moves the servos sometimes. Originally Posted by arbilab.


Even spreading the pins very slightly outwards will give them better contact. Originally Posted by franklinhu I tried eskt the crystals, but it still behaves erratically.

FM Esky Eka 72mhz 6ch Receiver | eBay

I turned off my Wifi router and that didn’t have any effect. Take them out and re-seat them a couple of times. Mar 25, It goes red, then green, then starts to randomly spin the rotors and servos and starts blinking red and green – a very dangerous situation. Unfortunately, there seems to be no way to pinpoint whether the TX or RX is bad. Could some other signal interfere? Not that it means the same thing is happening to you, but I have an Esky RX that does something very similar.

Last edited by ndp62; Mar 25, at I have DECT panasonic phones. Oct 16, Mar 26, This is 72 Mhz, so I don’t think I have anything to interfere. THR is random, so much that it will not initialize.


I didn’t use it for a long, long time and when I tried to use it, I follow the routine of turning on transmitter, then plugging in battery. Oct 04, What is confusing is that I do have partial control, it’s just seems it has crossed channels or responsing to some random input. The transmitter appears to still have some control as the servos partially respond to commands they swing back and forth to extreme positions in response to small changes in the stick.

Feb 24, Carsh and repairing 4 in 1 EKB. Maybe I can send my RX to somebody to try out???