The Deal Or No Deal presenter has warned of mankind’s greatest danger, but it’s OK as ‘there isn’t such a thing as death’. Various studies warn of the dangers of Wifi, especially for children and adolescents. Nevertheless, the introduction of Wifi is planned at schools. The term electromagnetic smog refers to all artificially generated electromagnetic fields in the environment and the resulting permanent exposure of people and.

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Various studies warn of the dangers of Wifi, especially for children and adolescents. Nevertheless, the introduction of Wifi is environnment at schools. They warn of the adverse health effects of exposure to radiation from wireless and mobile phones.

Aggressiveness ib lack of concentration were the result! They are laughed at because their colleagues do not believe in the harmfulness of electromagnetic pollution. There is no lack into investigations and studies on the effects of electromagnetic radiation.

According to the study, even up to a distance of 15 meters, field strengths are often still far higher that the official building-biological thresholds for places of work or places where you spend a lot of time. Meaningful measurements for the determination of wireless radiation was conducted by the University of Bremen on their campus, where a dense network of wireless reception points eectrosmog established.

The electrsomog results showed large variations: Wifi is fast becoming the most used communication frequency; everywhere free access hotspots are offered. The Smartphone sends and receives almost constantly because of active apps, usually via Wifi.


Apparently, the percentage of defects in sperm heads rose significantly in the irradiated group. The weight of the epididymis and seminal vesicles was significantly less, the diameter of the seminiferous tubules and the thickness of the tunica albuginea had decreased significantly, even highly significantly in the exposed animals. Further, the effects ofand MHz were tested on the brain.

Electrosmog and autoimmune disease

The maximum damage was achieved with Wifi: In a long-term experiment, researchers found that there is delayed development in the postnatal period, when the embryo is irradiated. Industry likes to claim that all pathological reactions are due to nocebo effects.

In animals and plants, however one can not assert this thesis. When irradiated, ants showed disorders in their movement sequence.

Electrosmog: the environmental threat that Noel Edmonds wants to save us from

In another research project field beans were irradiated with MHz. DNA damages were the result.

With maize seedlings, irradiation resulted in stunted growth, leaf changes and effects on the mitochondria; these are special cell organelles with a double membrane. From the available studies on the effects of high-frequency EMF at low doses, below the applicable limits no health hazards caused by wireless networks can be derived at elecctrosmog moment.

Individual wireless devices such as Wi-Fi enabled laptops, mobile phones and PDAs can cause prolonged radiation exposure when worn close to the body.


In connection with mobile phone radiation, they are extensively studied in international research efforts. Th the law of resonance, it transmits the information of the visible light spectrum onto the electricity that flows past it.

Prevent Cancer Now ยป Electrosmog and our health

This electricity will in turn flow through the entire home and distribute this electrosmot information into every last crevice of the building.

Any WiFi or cordless phones you have in your home will become a beacon of harmony because they are supplied with environmeny harmonious electricity.

The Law of Resonance states that in a resonance field any frequencies that do not conform to the field cannot form a resonance and so cannot exist in it. In other electrosmkg, in a harmonic resonance field any artificial frequencies cannot have an effect. It does not matter from where they originate.

The mobile products by Swiss Harmony BioRing, BodyCard, BioBracelet, and the BioPatch harmonize the human body by transmitting the harmonic resonance field information on the the energy system in the body.

This way the body stays free from the negative effects of artificial frequencies. Swiss Harmony offers free harmonizations in schools. Leave A Comment Cancel reply Comment.