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During the dry season, when the river is at its lowest level, the dam will only be able to produce MW. There is a draft bill on mining currently working its way through the Brazilian Congress, known as Projeto de Lei There were representatives of the Juruna, Xypaia, Kuruaia and Canela tribes, as well as local fishermen and displaced farmers.

They face the destruction of their homeland and the end of their way of life. De Olho na Floresta!

But actually the Belo Monte Dam commits ecital single one of these sins. Some had hoped Moreira’s trial would prove to be a landmark in Brazilian land dispute killings – but he was acquitted on April 4th, Once more there is a feeling that impunity reigns in the Amazon region. Abni were beaten and shot at, sprayed with pepper spray. The project was abandoned in after widespread protest. It should come as no surprise that land disputes in Brazil are rife, and highly dangerous: What will happen to them when the dams are built?


edital abin 2009 pdf

The people of the Xingu have opposed the dam since the ‘s. In July ten men from a private security firm were arrested for the murder. This is not an isolated incident. Belo Monte will be the third largest hydroelectric plant in the world and the second-largest hydroelectric dam in Abij. Condemned by intergovernmental organisations The dam has been denounced by the human rights commission of the Organisation of American States OAS. Workers flooded into the region drawn by the promise of employment.

It will only be green if they paint the dam green. Despite legal mandates by international bodies such as the International Labour Organisation ILO Conventionthe Munduruku have not been consulted by the Brazilian government on the construction of these three dams. Brasileira de Antropologia Ass.

Belo Monte Dossier Folha S. A great part of Brazil’s rich, varied cultural heritage will be lost. Explosions, diversion of the river flow, sedimentation and pollution caused by the preliminary earth ‘coffer dams’ have already had devastating impacts on fish populations in the Xingu. They claim landowners hired them to kill Mr Gomes. His body was thrown in the river, perhaps for the purposes of concealment; it resurfaced the next day.

Intimidation across Brazil The culture of intimidation is not restricted to dam sites. The Three Gorges dam in China, the largest dam in the world, displaced 1. As at Belo Monte, it seems the Brazilian government has been quick edktal answer resistance with a show of military and police force.

His body has not been recovered. The village radio was confiscated, and the phone wires cut.

edital abin pdf – PDF Files

Large international companies like Alstom, Andritz, Voith Hydro and Daimler, all of whom are involved in the construction of Belo Monte, are profiting from the dam at the expense of the tens of thousands of people who call the Xingu their home.


Uptake Youtube Copenhaga 209 on the dam had then just begun. If the operation does not stop Meanwhile the police destroyed a river dredge in front of the village, which had been used to extract gold – which was the ostensible cause for the police operation.

The tactics at Belo Monte are indicative of the troubling erosion of indigenous peoples’ rights, which is happening not only in the Xingu, but at dam sites all over Brazil. Two men were convicted, and landowner Jose Rodrigues Moreira was accused of hiring the assassins to shoot the couple after they opposed the eviction editak three families who lived on his farm.

I travelled down the Xingu in a small boat. It was then known as the Kararao dam.

According to the report the workers living arrangements were ‘subhuman We saw the great red scarred coffer dams, the beginnings of Belo Monte, rearing out of the river. Police in Amazon, by Paulo Suess This brutal raid was carried out not by guerrillas or militia in a military dictatorship, but by the Brazilian Federal Police and the National Guard. The Belo Monte dam will displace them, in their tens of thousands; it will strip them of their livelihoods.

They lay there in the sun edjtal many hours.