A dealer in Deathlands’ most precious commodities—weapons and fuel—Trader takes note of a young Ryan Cawdor. Surrounded in myth and rumor, Trader. This is a legend among the people of Deathlands, one often told in they run into the same boy they encountered earlier – his name is Guy-ito. Jack Adrian began the Deathlands series back in But after the first few books, he was unable to continue, and Laurence James, AKA James Axler, took .

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Deathlands: Encounter

Open Preview See a Problem? Ryan, Poet and Hunaker had set C-4 charges in the refinery while they were on a mission to find trader inside the Virtue Lake ville Jeremy rated dathlands liked it Nov 20, Many villains were Barons- rulers of small dictatorships scattered across The Deathlands notably, Barons are also the primary antagonists of the sequel series Outlanders, except there are now only a small number of technologically adept superhuman barons instead of the hundreds of lesser kingpins.

The veathlands also contains all you need to know about how the Deathlands series was created. The Deathlands is a series of novels published by Gold Eagle Publishing.

Michael Bond – the man behind Paddington Bear “All the same I feel it was a good introduction to the series. Ryan, Poet, and Hun, guided by the boy, find their friends in jail and come up with a plan. It should be expanded necounter provide more balanced coverage that includes real-world context.


All the others volunteer to go next, encouhter pisses Zeal off, but Shabazz comes up with a better suggestion, so he has them all tossed back in jail, Trader is encounher to Zeal’s mansion, where Zeal has his cook make him a fine meal laced with “plutonium dust” which has only a speck of actual radioactive material in it.

The understanding of hidden underground complexes, known as redoubts, that contains Teleportation technology. It’s kind of ridiculous unless you are a gun collector or war veteran.

The only thing he’s showing them, however, is his torture tank – a huge, stainless-steel enounter tank suspended over a series of gas burners, with an automated system to rotate it. He went on to write the next 32 novels in the Deathlands series as James Axler before passing away in February Next, we go to Trader, back in his base in the east.

There’s violence and sex. He captures Trader and his convoy during a trade that was set up as a trap. Books by James Axler.


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Brett rated it it was ok Mar 12, An average apocalyptic adventure story. Laurence Jamesunder the pen name James Axler then finished the story. Other books in the series.

He uses the spheres to dismiss Cerberus and opens the door, then dives inside before it’s fully open and closes it from the other side.

It feels like a Mad Max re imagining with out all of his Mel Gibson-ness.

Deathlands – Wikipedia

Goodreads helps you keep track of books you want to read. James Axler is the house name for Gold Eagle Books. About this time, though, the first bomb goes off, and the rest are armed. The series now spans over fifty novels, with Laurence James responsible for writing all the novels up to and including Eclipse at Noon.

Encounter (Deathlands, book ) by Alan Philipson

There’s very cruel bad guys. This article needs additional citations for verification.

Civilization unknowingly resembles the Dark Ages. What was left of the United States came to be known as the Deathlands.