Bride of the Century Korean Drama. I really want to watch how Shin is gonna prove his talent. This drama, in the first episodes I was really excited! Thanks for the recap. Episode 12 by LollyPip. She studied it once in her life. Oh yes, the OST is amazing.

The Master’s Sun Korean Drama. Death Bell Korean Movie. This is actually the first korean drama I downloaded but right after I finished the last episode, I deleted all the episodes without hesitation. It has the potential to be staged in a musical. One tiny opening sequence and I was hooked just based on potential. P was in my adolescent year you know. Rain in all his badass glory, trying to fight his doomed well, he’s convinced. The Suspect Korean Movie.

What order to watch the Death Note movies? | Yahoo Answers

I’ll be the first to admit, happy scenes were far and few between but this was still a great drama!! Mei-chan no Shitsuji Japanese Drama. Inspiring Generation Korean Drama. My Girl Japanese Drama. On board because javabeans is doin some great recap!

What order to watch the Death Note movies?

She struggles with her suitcase on the bus, and he silently carries it on for her, without sparing her a glance or a friendly word. He was hell bent on this revenge, and eventually, love just got in way.

Yamada Taro Monogatari Japanese Drama. Episode 5 by TeriYaki. Lollipop – 2NE1 feat. Miss Pilot Japanese Drama. Meanwhile, Joon-sung continues to give the presentation to possible foreign investors, showing off his prowess in multiple languages.


Episode 3 by Regals. Episodes by LollyPip. Yeah, you heard right, If he did finish his revenge I would really like it. As it happens, musical director Seok-hyun is buddies with the owner of the live music club named Catharsisand is invited to stay for the evening show. I will continue to watch. Or was dramcarazy trying to tell her subtly: Big Man Korean Drama.

Maybe i stuck it out for rain cramacrazy loving his performance in full house. The Three Musketeers Korean Drama. I was a big fan of Rain too after Full House, but after watching some of his other weird works like Sang Doo!

I have watched it at least 5 times already and still cried over it every single time. I remember always meaning to watch this drama because Rain and Shin Mina? The jote thing is a slang usage, and makes him seem even more toothless than he already is, like our resident puppy mascot.

Liar Game Japanese Drama. If you wanted to kill both in the end wirtter, why not shocking everyone making him shot her? Thanks for recapping this one! Eight Ranger Japanese Movie.

Watashi wo Hanasanaide Japanese Drama.

Prime Minister and I Korean Drama. Joker Game Japanese Movie. I don’t know much about korean traditional instruments but I think I will learn a lot about it just by watching this drama hehehe their sounds are so beautiful From Me to You Japanese Movie. Best Wedding Korean Drama. I really enjoyed the first ep. I love Shin Mina, but this is just too much melodrama for me. Now off to read. Two seconds later, he is answering her cell phone, so that her “fiancee” can hear Bok-gu saying that he can see the love for him in Eun-Seok’s eyes–and then hear them kissing.


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Heads, I would follow your recaps of A Love To Kill just to reminisce over these sort of pics of Rain-man, he looks hot! As fate would have it, the van that ends up driving next to them houses Bok-gu and his friends — and at deaht sight of what must be a celebrity car, they all begin waving frantically to ddath her attention.

My Sassy Girl Korean Movie. Still listen to the soundtrack on a regular basis, including the dialogue pieces.

Hope you continue with the recap. Rain and GO do look alike. I think you have the same kinds of bad boys all world over. Vampire Prosecutor Korean Drama.

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