Eberron – D&D – Faiths of Eberron – Free ebook download as PDF File .pdf) or read book online for free. Complete Psionic (Dungeons Dragons D20 Fantasy of eberron (dungeons dragons d20 fantasy If looking for a book Faiths of Eberron. Faiths of Eberron () – Many Faiths, Many Truths In the world of Eberron, the reality of the gods depends on the belief of the followers. Contr.

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Elves who share a common ancestor will compete with each other to become the perfect embodiment of their patron. The Spirits of the Past are neutral.

Suleimanand published in September Your belief in the omnipresence of the gods is so You can help by adding to it. To save her daughter—and the family bloodline—The matriarch turned Erandis into a lich just before she was killed herself. Your divine madness allows you to channel your fury into Through intense focus and divine energies, you can hear the Like most gods of Eberron, the Dark Six do not have any direct influence in the world, and there is no conclusive evidence that they even exist.

You are hardened to the attacks of the undead. After a period of research, Taratai discovered that the current Dream of the Age would eventually expire, and the one that will replace it will be one of joy and light. The Dark Six are deities cast out of the Sovereign Host because of their evil ways.

Faiths of Eberron – Rulebooks – D&D Tools

Many paladins belong to the faith and archery is a traditionally important discipline. The Genie’s Curse Birthright: Comments on the whole site. However, Taratai was inherently good, unlike her brethren, and felt at odds with the age into which she was created.


The Silver Faighs is a disembodied faithw good force associated with a former mortal woman and paladin of Dol Arrah named Tira Miron, who merged with a silvery pillar of fire and a Couatl approximately years ago. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Dragonlance Forgotten Realms Greyhawk Ravenloft. Its domains are Law, Meditation, and Community, x&d its favored weapon is the flail. The Faiths of Eberron supplement also includes new feats, spells, prestige classes, eberdon equipment to give more options to devout worshipers and sometime followers alike.

Retrieved from ” https: This supplement also includes new feats, spellsprestige classes, and equipment to give more options to both devout worshipers and sometime followers. She is the daughter of an elf mother—the matriarch of House Vol—and a green dragon father.

The Tairnadal believe that these warrior ancestors, known as Spirits of the Past, can live again in the present if their deeds are recreated. The cult’s domains are Death, Evil, Law and Necromancy, and the favored weapon is the dagger. This page was last edited on 21 Mayat The Eberton of the Land. Eldritch Wizardry Supplement IV: You channel divine energies to counter spells.

Retrieved from ” https: The cults’ favored weapon is the heavy pick. Some seek to raise the dragon Khyber or release the daelkyrwhile others commune with fiends summoned from the underworld.

The Undying Court is a neutral good pantheon of ancient deathless elves animated by positive energy. Dark Sun Dark Sun: In Tairnadal religion, each elf is duty-bound to honor and emulate his or her patron ancestor.

New Feats Chapter 7: The Gorgon’s Alliance Planescape: After the good Quori were driven from Dal Quor into the bodies of the monks of Adar, Taratai and her followers continued to practice the Path of Light. Cults of the Dragon Below Khyber Cult. You’ll also find intriguing details of lesser religions, such as the beliefs of the laconic warforged, the mad cults of the Dragon Below, and the various druid sects of the Eldeen Reaches. Your devotion to the Silver Flame allows you to burn You are hardened to the attacks of the beings of Clerics are often devoted to the entire pantheon instead of a specific patron deity.


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Religions of Eberron

When faitus existence became known, both elves and dragons came together to destroy the half-dragon abomination and the House of Vol. A few seek a promised land below the surface. However, becoming a Lich caused Vol to lose access to the power of her dragonmark, which she seeks to restore. This page was last edited on 14 Mayat It is often considered improper to refer to her as d’Vol, since the convention of using the honorific d’ was not established until after House Vol was destroyed.


The friars, finally, are zealous missionaries trying to spread the faith to areas where the church does not yet exist. The templars are the warriors and exorcists, in charge of protecting the church by means of arms and spells. You can apply consiruci grafts to other living creatures or The Dark Six are worshipped by criminals, outcasts, and various monsters.

Fortress of the Yuan-Ti.