Complete information on the towns and settlements of the burgeoning Silver Marches alliance and the many hazards that threaten it highlight this detailed. Come tour one of the most popular regions of the Forgotten Realms world! The just-released Silver Marches accessory by Ed Greenwood and. Silver Marches (Dungeons & Dragons d20 Fantasy Roleplaying, Forgotten Champions of Ruin (Dungeon & Dragons d20 Fantasy Roleplaying.

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Fendelben is a very successful merchant who has his eyes firmly fastened on the pursuit of wealth. This group is always composed of the people holding the most prominent positions in the city, although from time to time debate breaks out over whether another civic figure is important enough to merit a position on the council. Should the High Harpers discover his loyalties and make an issue of them, Eaerlraun might break with the order altogether and take control of Moongleam Tower with him.

The same looks to hold true today, as the confederation attempts to deal with issues of mutual importance to its signatories.

Silver Marches

Someone will have to catch Draga red-handed in order for the Elders to remove him from the council and appoint a new Marhes of the Bridges. Many caravan masters are paying a premium for caravan guards who are also spellcasters, hoping that the additional magical power will help keep their goods and their skins safe. Built by a master dwarf engineer almost two hundred years ago, this keep of black, hard stone is one of the solver Harper holds of the North.

As the only crossing place for several days’ travel in either direction, the Rauvin crossing here often attracted the attention of orcs, barbarians, and other raiders, who would lie in wait to ambush caravans. Temples to most deities in the dwarven pantheon, particularly Moradin, can be found in the hidden halls of the undercity. Perhaps emboldened by the growing rumors of war between King Obould and the cities of the North, orc raiding parties have been striking hard at southbound caravans, and the depredations of giants based in the Evermoors now depopulated of its former inhabitants, the trolls have increased to the point where caravans are taking extra guards on journeys to and from the city.

As one might expect, the worship of militant deities and those deities who stand for law, strength, silvr duty is popular in Sundabar. Dwarf and human joined together to drive off the demons. Each of these gates is open from dawn to dusk, and shut at all other times. It’s a harsh, treeless place, characterized by one visitor as “all stone and suspicion. This makes him an unlikely ally of the elves on the council, who share his respect for the ways of the past.

If humans dwell anywhere in numbers, they are inevitably the greatest predators, and should eliminate others “monsters” so that lesser creatures don’t become overhunted. Stone Shields and Watchful who grow careless, overzealous, or too friendly with shadier citizens are transferred to the Shieldsar. Everlund owes its survival to the thickness of its walls the city’s leaders have never failed to keep its first line of defense in good repair, nor to add to the fortifications whenever possiblesome strategic alliances, and its ability to keep Evermoor Way open to caravan traffic.



The building is defended by a detail of guards from the Army of the Vale; four soldiers remain vigilant outside the building’s main entrance at all times, and during the periods when the hall is open at least six more soldiers patrol the interior corridors. A devout Mielikkian, Helm believes three trees should be planted for every one cut, lest woodcarvers entirely consume the forests they depend on.

Like the spokes of a wheel, broad, straight streets lead from each gate to Bell Market at the city center. In addition to the major temples, Everlund is home to shrines to Oghma, Shaundakul popular among the caravan mastersand Waukeen as well. Caravan masters know that gaining entry into the city after the gates close can be a tiresome chore, requiring them to consent to tedious and thorough searches of their goods by the city’s guards.

The Master’s Hall The Master’s Hall is a crowded cluster of huge round stone towers, their battlements bristling with heavy catapults and ballistae.

Silver Marches – Rulebooks – D&D Tools

In turn, the army’s “problem” members are often transferred to the Watchblade’s forces. Over time, the Council of Six Elders became the true rulers of the city. For decades she worried that the humans would simply swallow the elf parts of the town, but in recent months the unlooked-for return of some elves from Evermeet has strengthened the elf community and charged it with determination to thrive and grow once again.

Some hold the post for many years, others no more than a few days. Come tour one of the most popular regions of the Forgotten Realms world! Haunted by malicious dragons, hordes of orcs, and other ferocious creatures, the relentless cold and unforgiving terrain of the Silver Marches promise undiscovered riches and unspeakable danger to those bold enough to venture there.

Everlund has always been close to Silverymoon, its neighbor to the north. Sundabar is well provisioned against a siege of many months, as vast granary caverns lie near the Everfire, and deep city wells tap the clear, fresh subterranean lake Anfarra.

Its roof is crowned by an open turret, where a signaling mirror shaped like a crescent moon stands. Most don’t bother to go through the routine if they arrive at Everlund after sunset, preferring instead to avail themselves of the hospitality to be found in any of a number of inns and taverns that have established a thriving trade outside the city walls for just such occasions.

Armor, clay wares mostly pipes and tilescopper, furniture, gold, lumber, pelts, silver, tools, weapons. Once surrounded by mighty foundries, the Everfire burns unchained now — many of the great forges that harnessed the rift’s might were destroyed more than a hundred years ago by a sudden surge of the buried fires, and most of these have not been rebuilt.


Each container is protected by a glyph of warding that is triggered if a chest is opened without first speaking the password. Evermoor Way Evermoor Way begins at the Bridge Gate and winds its way southwest for hundreds of miles, passing between the Evermoors and the High Forest, north of the Dessarin Hills and offering the most direct available route to Waterdeep and the cities of the Sword Coast.

In winter, Sundabarian houses are cold and damp. The market is open from one hour after dawn to one hour before dusk, to ensure that the evenings and nights of the residents are not disturbed by the noise created by such a thronged mercantile area.

The fall of Ascalhorn in DR, and the subsequent collapse of Eaerlann, left the small settlement at Everlund without a country. Citadel Sundbarr, the insular dwarfhold, became the city of Sundabar, a bulwark of military strength and trade in the North. The folk of the city tend to be devout and crowd the major temples on the first day of every tenday to worship their deities. In strong halls beneath the city, clans of master forgers, smelters, smiths, and armorers make up most of Sundabar’s dwarf population.

Wizards of the Coast Item Code: Everlund rose again in DR, as the folk of Ascalhorn decided to refurbish the dwarf-keep and establish a permanent garrison here. Ed Greenwood and Jason Carl Publisher: Steep, winding passages lead down and down to the Everfire, a volcanic rift beneath the city.

For the Elders of Everlund, joining the league Alustriel proposed was simply a formality — they were already committed to standing with the High Mage of Silverymoon against all threats to the peace of the North. Fendelben has no real friends on the council, since the Keeper of the Bridge is his natural opponent — the Keeper’s agents collect taxes grudgingly paid by the Master’s fellow merchants.

Sundabar’s temple to Tyr and Torm is a fortresslike building facing on the Circle, across from the Master’s Hall. The remaining ten soldiers of the detail watch the entrances to the Hall of Records and the Hall of Redress home to the city’s courts and magistrates.

One of the new additions to the structure is a low stone wall that prevents anyone from approaching closer than 30 feet.