Efecto del Cultivo e Incorporacion de Tagetes erecta L. Sobre la Poblacion e Infeccion de Meloidogyne incognita (Kofoid & White) Chitwood en Chile ( Capsicum. Start Page: All titles: ” Cultivo del marigold: efecto en el control de nematodos “. ” Effect of nematode control when growing marigolds [Tagetes erecta, Chile]. Establecimiento de métodos de propagación para el cultivo de especies vegetales . The genus Tagetes is native to the New World and the species T. erecta.

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In general, there was high similarity for phythophagous Along the borders of this path, on both sides, there was a 50 m long and 0. After a period of eight weeks, the seedlings were transplanted in a greenhouse with plastic cover and grown during a period of at least 32 weeks, after which the plants accumulated eercta biomass to provide cuttings.

Annual Review of Entomologyv. The experimental unit was composed of ten cuttings, for an experiment size of cuttings for each accession.

Parasitoid abundance, in general, was very low in onion plants, but much lower far from the marigold strip Table 1. First of all, the calculated collection curve indicated that the samples taken from onion crop were enough to collect the majority of species present in the crop during the experiment. This indicates that a major number of natural enemy species uses the marigold strip during more time than the herbivores do, witch is interesting for biological control.

For herbivores the values are similar in relation to the distance from marigold, but become lower as the flowering stage advance. Da Silva Garcia, P.

In this field there is a positive effect of marigold rows on natural enemy abundance and negative effect on pest insect abundance. Samples were taken from marigold and the onion plants 5 m near and 30 m far from the flowering strips. The variedade F1 showed to smallest plant height, although the plant height doesn’t have influences on the total weight of flowers This same variety also presented the largest diameter medium of flower 70,66mm.


The trays with the cuttings were distributed on a raised greenhouse bed and moistened with a micro spray system with micro sprinklers 40 L h -1 spaced every 30 cm, using a run time of 5 min d Plant Cell Tissue Organ Cul. Therefore, the main phytophagous species were more abundant in onion plants 30 m from marigold, while the main predators were more abundant in plants close to the attractive species.

Marigold (Tagetes erecta L.) as an attractive crop to natural enemies in onion fields

Sampling began two weeks after transplanting when seedlings were 30 day-old, and continued for the following seven weeks. International Nematology Network Newsletterv. The latter species showed a relatively poor performance and may require more complex eeecta improved propagation methods to obtain more satisfactory results. Entomologia Experimentalis et Applicatav. These curves may indicate whether sampling was regular and enough to potentially collect all species that may be present in the crop for the whole experimental period, independently of the sampling week.

In a previous study, several non-domesticated wild species of gagetes genus Lippia from Brazil L. Pest management in organic onion farming is based on plant extracts with insecticide effects.

Faculty of Tagftes Sciences. Colombia has unexplored flora with good potential for the production of EO. Dissecting Arabidopsis lateral root development. It can be observed in Tab.

The Interpretation of ecological data: Syrphidae populations in relation cultio different plant species in rows surrounding the onion field, observed no population decrease of the pest species.

The three substrates tested were fine coconut fiber FCFfine coconut fiber: Composition of the essential oil from leaves of Tagetes zipaquinensis Hump.


Barboza, Valdenise Carbonari Published: The ee percentage and the number of roots were slightly higher in the substrate FCF, while root length and root dry weight performed better in the FCFCS substrate Tab. Fitopatologia Brasileirav. The aim of this study was to determine the effect of marigold plants near or far from organic onion cultivation for maintenance of natural enemies, and study the arthropod composition and its abundance on onion and marigold fields.

Bulletin of Insectologyv.

Tagetes erecta

Chemical variation in essential oil profiles detected using headspace solid-phase microextraction gas chromatography spectrometry in response to potassium, nitrogen, and erectw available to micropropagated plants of Salvia stenophylla Burch.

In Vitro Cell Dev. The establishment of propagation and micropropagation techniques for aromatic species that show promise as potential new crops is important in order to ensure rapid reproduction to provide enough material for the high demand that tagetds be generated in a production chain.

The cuttings were immersed for 5 min in liquid solution at different concentrations of the hormone indolebutyric acid IBA and were subsequently planted in germination trays with 24 wells, with dimensions of 5. Higher herbivore species richness but lower abundance were egecta in plots near marigold than in plots far from marigold. Higher numbers of arthropod pests were observed in onion plants 30 m from the marigold strip, while higher numbers of predators and parasitoids were found at 5 m distance.

This is in accordance with previous observations.