Compared with the current CP96 series (ø40, stroke) . can be mounted on the above models, but in such case SMC cannot guarantee water resistance. CP96, profile tube design ISO cylinder with enclosed tie rods, is available in 6 bore sizes from ø32 to ømm. High accuracy covers and tie rod nuts impro. [Differences between the CP96 and the CP95 series]. 5. Series CP96 SMC groove for M9, A9 switches and CNOMO groove are on all four sides. Max. four.

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In the following pc96 you will receive and e-mail with your new account details. The username and email that you provided are not correct. Moment of Inertia Calculator. Digital Switch Setting System.

Double acting, standard type, single or double rod with Air cushion on both ends and Bumper cushion Bore sizes mm: Many made to order available. Double acting, Non-rotating, single or double rod with Air cushion on both ends and Bumper cushion Bore sizes mm: Select your Actuators and Grippers: Design your Pneumatic Circuit: Rod boot option added for the standard type.


Cylinder Configurator Design your Pneumatic Circuit: Without boot Nylon tarpaulin one end Nylon tarpaulin both ends Heat resistant tarpaulin one end Heat resistant tarpaulin both ends Reed switch Solid state switch Special function Electrical entry Indicator Vacuum Pads Suction Cups.

Configure your FRL unit: Standard for double rod, Non-rotating rod for double and single rod. Double acting, standard type, single or double rod Bore sizes mm: Configure a Cylinder with a Modification: Load limit at rod end when Piston rod deflection reduced Deflection Product catalogue account eShop account. Electric Actuator Controller Setting Tools.

SMC ISO 15552 Cylinder Series CP96

Open the catalog to page 9. Automatically log me on in the Product Catalogue in the future. CE Marking Declarations of Conformity. New Non-rotating rod type added! Pilot Operated 3 Port Solenoid Valves. Strokes up to mm. Circulating Fluid Temperature Controller.

SMC ISO Cylinder Series CP96

Where To Find Us. Case sensitive Retype new password: Open the catalog to page 4. Temperature Control System ccp96 Chemical Liquids. The Online Industrial Exhibition. Integrated function of the air cushion and the bumper. Open the catalog to page Safety Pressure Release Valves.


Angle and In-line Valves. Newsletter Newsletter Subscription Archive. Open the catalog to page 5.

Mounting Brackets Bore sizes: Configure a Manifold of Solenoid Valves: Simple end of stroke cushion valve adjustment Port aperture Since the adjustment of the cushion valve is performed with a hex wrench key, even finite control can be easily accomplished. Select your Directional Control Valves: Select your Airline Equipment: Head end clevis with ball joint Bore size cp6.

Welcome to your SMC’s personal area For ensuring your maximum level of security, please change the password that has been given to you, by following the easy steps below. Engineering Tools for Pneumatic Products. Go to Product Selection Details.

In order to recover your password, please introduce your e-shop user and e-mail address in the boxes below and follow the instructions Please enter the E-Mail address that belongs to your Online Catalogue account. Refrigerated Air Dryer Selector.

Take Advantage of Other Support Tools: