Its raw so i was wondering how long does everyone think it will take to sub? Edit Opening Theme 1: Lelouch reminisces about his last meeting with his father; shortly after his mother’s death, Lelouch questions Charles about it and is exiled to Japan along with his sister Nunnally vi Britannia. Lelouch resolves to not waste the life given to him by Rolo and resolves to kill the Emperor. A compilation of Code Geass: Elsewhere, Suzaku suspects Lelouch murdered Shirley and decides to interrogate Kallen with drugs. Lelouch blames his defeat on the undisciplined rebels and resolves to build his own army. A ceasefire is called so Schneizel can meet with the leaders of the Black Knights, but Lelouch is too devastated to attend.

As Suzaku is detained for insubordination, it is revealed that Lelouch used Geass on Suzaku, giving him the command to live, through which he prioritized his own survival over Zero’s capture. The Black Knights have been destroying drug cartels which have been manufacturing refrain, a drug that lets a person relive their happiest memories with severe side effects; the drug is popular with the depressed Japanese, which is why the Black Knights are targeting it. Boukoku no Akito 1 – Yokuryuu wa Maiorita. Code Geass episode lists. Archived from the original on September 16, More Top Anime 1 Fullmetal Alchemist: Lelouch of the Rebellion episodes.

Believing Lelouch to be trapped, Schneizel sets the self-destruct sequence of the Damocles and attempts to leave. Lelouch secretly retrieves the mask and Suzaku’s heroic save allows some of the students to accept him. As a result, the world unites in hatred of Lelouch geazs begins an era of peace with Nunnally as the Empress of Britannia. With her core members unavailable, it’s up to Leila to protect her comrades, but this may be much tougher than she realizes: Lelouch pleads with Suzaku to help him save Nunnally but is nk off-screen, the two fire their guns at each other.

Suzaku transfers into Lelouch’s class and faces the prejudice of the Britannian students. Successfully boarding the vessel, Zero meets and tries to convince her that Britannia is using her as a figurehead. February 8, [].


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Boukoki he cannot kill his father, Lelouch destroys the entrance, planning to seal them both inside for eternity. The Importance of Worldbuilding in Anime It’s essential for an anime to have a creative premise, but it’s even more important to have worldbuilding that backs it up.

Lelouch of the Rebellion. During the pursuit, Lelouch is reunited with his Japanese friend, Suzaku Kururugiwho is part of the military. Suzaku attacks Lelouch forcing him to eject and crash-lands near Shirley. The new members of the W-0 unit attempt to desert, but this is prevented by Akito and Leila.

Hangyaku no Lelouch R2.

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Lelouch deduces the nature of Rolo’s Geass and convinces Rolo to spare him; in return, he will hand over C. Schneizel, backed by the Black Knights and the remaining Knights of the Round, wages war with Lelouch’s army.

When Suzaku catches up to the cat on the roof, Lelouch pretends to slip forcing Suzaku to save him. PV English dub version play More videos Edit Synopsis In the yearthe Holy Empire of Britannia is establishing itself as a dominant military nation, starting with the conquest of Japan.

Rolo admits to causing Shirley’s death; rather than blame Rolo specifically, Lelouch blames the existence of Geass itself. Lelouch reminisces about his capture by Suzaku and how the Emperor, his father, altered his memories with Geass. Within the Sword of AkashaLelouch learns the truth of his mother’s death from the Emperor and Marianne herself.

The last two episodes received a pre-airing on an event, July 21, Looking forward to this I guess.

episod C’s attendance causes a series of events as Lelouch tries to hide her presence. Lelouch of the Rebellion R2 broadcast information” in Japanese. And I wish that they would make a new season ’bout Lelouch and C. But I’m still watching it Boukoku no Akito will be included in the sets.


Renamed to Area 11 after its noukoku defeat, Japan has seen significant resistance against these tyrants in an attempt to regain independence. Manga ‘Asoko Araiya no Oshigoto: Meaning, you don’t have to follow series one and two in order to know what’s going on – it’s a gogosnime new story. She believes this will bring back the happy days with Lelouch and Nunnally, but Lelouch thinks otherwise, knowing she is being naive.

We call god-modding on ten of these overpowered anime characters. June 15, [25]. Kallen’s background geaws explored, revealing her Japanese mother is working as a maid for her Britannian father and Kallen’s disdain for the abuse her mother receives.

After learning why Lelouch betrayed the Cods, Jeremiah joins his cause. As Zero, Lelouch asks Suzaku to join him to rebel against Britannia; Suzaku refuses, believing Britannia should be changed with legal means and departs for his trial. Lelouch of the Rebellion. After the W-0 unit is denied access to head back to headquarters, they come across a group of elder gypsies who temporarily take them in; as they get along well, Akito and Leila reveal what happened when they were children and thus leading them to where they are now.

January 18, []. Rushing to the battlefield, Zero leads the Black Knights to victory. Lelouch heads to the train station to check on the delivery bukoku the G Trains, a network of Gefjun Disturber-equipped trains that will blackout Tokyo once activated. Edit Ending Theme 1: January 11, []. June 1, [28].

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November 23, [92]. Baba, Makoto Episode Director. Dec 21, 3:

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