Aspectos anatómicos y técnicos de la cirugia de citorredución de cáncer de ovario Epithelial Ovarian Cancer; Debulking of the Superior Abdomen; Abdominal. The mainstay of treatment for advanced ovarian cancer is the multimodality approach of debulking surgery and paclitaxel–platinum chemotherapy. The size of. Download Citation on ResearchGate | Primary or delayed debulking surgery and treated with primary or delayed (secondary) optimal debulking surgery unless impossible, Cáncer epitelial de ovario: evaluación y cirugía.

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While the lesion is visualized with the flexible scope, metallic markers are placed on the patient’s chest along the proximal and distal margins of involvement Figure This series of photochemical reactions causes cell death.

Thus, non-invasive tumors such as pseudomyxoma peritonei, stage I sarcoma or a slightly invasive peritoneal mesothelioma can be debulked entirely, even though they might appear in form of big masses and high peritoneal cancer index.

This may be suggested by aerated lung or patent bronchial passages on CT scan. Endobronchial stents and bronchial sparing surgery in the management of lung cancer. The porfimer then becomes excited and generates a series of radical reactions. A coagulation profile including PT, PTT, and platelet count are of paramount importance, especially when endobronchial therapy is being considered.

Debridement may require the use of the rigid bronchoscope. Pathogenesis of systemic air embolism during bronchoscopic Nd: This study can demonstrate the relationship between the tumor and bronchovascular structures.


Intraoperative neoplastic cell contamination Involvement of the bulkibg nodes in resection limits Positive resection margins Perforated cancer Peritoneal Implants confirmed with biopsy Ovarian involvement Invasion of nearby organs or structures.

Peritoneal Carcinomatosis

Although laser therapy for tracheal stenosis always resulted in immediate improvement, these lesions had a tendency to recur within months after therapy. Effective treatment requires experience with flexible and rigid bronchoscopy.

The appropriately sized stent, based upon length and luminal diameter, is then advanced over the wire and positioned under fluoroscopic guidance. We accomplish stent deployment with a flexible bronchoscope in the operating room under general anesthesia and with the assistance of fluoroscopy. The two primary bronchoscopic approaches include flexible and rigid bronchoscopy Figure 2.

This is the most commonly used stent in our practice.

Debulking is used with curative intent in only some types of canceras generally partial removal of a malignant tumor is not a worthwhile intervention for curative purposes because malignant cells left behind soon multiply and renew the threat.

Special attention to detail and judicious use of the laser will avoid untoward events in most cases. Ann Thorac Surg ; YAG laser is not without risks. Autofluorescence of normal and malignant bronchial tissue.

“Stents” endobronquiales y cirugía preservadora de bronquios en el manejo del cáncer broncogénico

The posterior wall is completed first. Stent insertion is considered a means of palliation. Workup of patients should include basic laboratory indices.


This agent is concentrated mainly in skin epithelial cells, the reticuloendothelial system, and tumor cells. Those patients that only have one controlled or controllable primary tumor located in the peritoneum can benefit from a treatment with a curative intention of the resection if hulking is complete or almost complete from a macroscopic perspective.

A variety of therapeutic modalities exist to treat patients with tracheobronchial disease. For patients who have undergone therapy for endobronchial tumor, surveillance is necessary to identify recurrent disease early.

Most lung cancers are parenchymal or hilar in location. Legal Advise Web Map Links. This will allow for the development of tumor necrosis.

Peritoneal Carcinomatosis | Cirugía Sanchinarro

This decreased reactivity makes silicon stents easy to extract if necessary. YAG laser in bronchial endoscopy. Additional precautions relate to the accumulation of the photosensitizer in normal tissues.

The stent is positioned at the tip of the rigid scope, just beyond the chest tube Figure e. Epithelial ovarian carcinoma Colorectal cancer Gastric cancer Diffuse peritoneal mesothelioma Pseudomyxoma peritonei Peritoneal sarcomatosis It is necessary to apply intraperitoneal chemotherapy in the following cases, after expected mechanisms of tumoral cell implantation in the peritoneum: