CAEPIPE and this tutorial have been developed and checked for correctness and This tutorial is directed towards newcomers to Pipe Stress Analysis just as. Tutorial 2. Let us model a slightly more advanced piping system now that you have familiarized yourself with the basic use of CAEPIPE via Tutorial 1. The details. CAEPIPE and CAdvantagE are trademarks of SST Systems, Inc. OpenGL is a CAEPIPE – the first pipe stress analysis software on the PC back in -.

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In row 6, Tab to the DY column. That means that tutorjal primary unknown will be the generalized displacements. Figure 5C – Thermal Stress Contour Plot In order to reduce these thermal stresses at nodewe cut the straight pipe between nodes and into two parts — one part is the pipe from nodes to and the second part is from nodes to to Click on User Bend Radius radio button and enter 18 for bend radius. In order to alleviate thermal stresses in the 4″ loop, introduce an intermediate anchor at node 95 immediately after the second reducer, so that the thermal growth of straight pipe from node 95 to node is absorbed by the 8″ loop, while the thermal expansion of straight pipe between nodes 40 and 95 is absorbed by the 4″ loop, thereby making both loops achieve their intended purpose.

CAEPIPE. Tutorial for Modeling and Results Review Problem 1 – PDF

Next, identify pipe locations where the pipe can be vertically supported by the support types listed under Step 4 above. Start display at page:.

Similarly, at rod hanger locations, the tendency of piping should be to deform downward for operating load case, so that the rod hangers carry the pipe weight tutorail tension.


Highly flexible couplings Construction and operation 8. The properties for this material are transferred czepipe the material in the List window.

It is observed that the weight of. Material, section and load are automatically inserted like before, and the cursor moves to the next row.

Pipe Stress Analysis Software – CAEPIPE & Piping Stress Tutorial

Your consent to our cookies if you continue to use this website. If you need to change the units, you can always go back to General Model Options dialog and change it. Eidetic Analysis in Phenomenology as Try to Solve Objective This tutorial is designed for users who are new. Which of the following option. Continuing Education and Development, Inc. Select the previous More information. If you have questions, please feel free to send them to us support sstusa.

The next Node 80, is automatically assigned. Word Tips and Shortcuts Word Behaviour of buildings due to tunnel induced subsidence A thesis submitted to the University of London for the degree of Doctor of Philosophy and for the Diploma of the Imperial College of Science, Technology. To make this website work, we log user data and share it with processors. In the next row 11Tab to DX. Part 1 The first step in creating a fill-able form in Adobe Acrobat is to generate the form with all its formatting in a program such as Microsoft Word.

Axial Restraints to Direct Thermal Growth.

For questions or comments, please send a message to More information. These couplings are furnished with restraint rings that, when affixed More information.

When one pump is operating, the other one is on standby. capipe

The Anchor dialog comes up. Figure 5G – Sustained Stress Contour Plot for Revised Layout This is because there are no vertical supports excluding the three nozzles and a variable spring hanger at node 52 to carry the weight of the system. Display contextual Help Window. Without formatting, a worksheet can look confusing More information. Figure 1B – Thermal Deflection This thermal deformation generates large thermal stresses orange and red zones in the bend at node 20 and at anchor node 30, as shown in Fig.


Once all the data is in, Analyze. Introduction to Microsoft Excel Class learning objectives 1. Microsoft Powerpoint Tutorial. So, thermal stresses and equipment nozzle loads will normally decrease as the number of supports goes down.

Then this occasional load will be added to the sustained stresses and compare to 1. Set up printer and.

Giancoli – Physics 6th. Enter description, density and Poisson s tuorial. By CAESAR II you can as well create your own units but the conversion factors are already calculated for you and you only need to choose the units you want. Contact Us Business Hours: As a result, this riser grows downward producing large bending moments and stresses at and around equipment nozzle at node The Save Model As dialog is shown. Click tutoriaal Displacements button.

Tutorial for Fiber Reinforced Piping (FRP) Modeling and Analysis using CAEPIPE

DSSylation, a novel protein modification targets You can press F2 to switch between text caeepipe graphics windows.

When one pump is operating, the other one is on standby. In the Type column, type v for Valve. On the other hand, for thermal loads, zero supports give zero stresses. A cell is where the More information.

Microsoft Word can be used to create documents, brochures, More information. Nominal strength divided by the safety factor.

So, the goal is to arrive at a “flexible” layout for which thermal stress ratios remain within “blue” to “yellow” range and not get into “orange” and “red” zones.