BUZ 73 L. V. 7 A. Ω. TO AB. CSA2. Maximum Ratings. Parameter. Symbol. Values. Unit. Continuous drain current. TC = 28 °C. ID. 7. A. BUZ73 from Motorola Solutions, Inc.. Find the PDF Datasheet, Specifications and Distributor Information. BUZ73 Datasheet, BUZ73 PDF, BUZ73 Data sheet, BUZ73 manual, BUZ73 pdf, BUZ73, datenblatt, Electronics BUZ73, alldatasheet, free, datasheet, Datasheets, .

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The information in this data book describes the type of component and shall not be considered as assured characteristics.

Therefore, cross-slotted screws are preferred. The heart of the dahasheet is the ATtiny12 programmed to time 24 hour cycles. If it is datashete to bend the leads by hand, the lead must be held with pliers between the bending point and the header without causing notches. Download The assembly language source file is on this page.

The inversion layer that forms the channel in the P region beneath the gate electrode, continues in form of an enhancement zone in the epitaxial layer beneath the whole gate surface. Parameters are pulse width, duty cycle, and case temperature. This again results in extremely low R DS on dtasheet. The inductor L decouples the dc supply. Screw tools must not touch the plastic package.

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This results in a mounting force of max. During assembly, particularly when passing the screw through the mica washer, it has to be ob- served that this mica washer will not be damaged. In or- der to protect the transistors from static charges during shipping, they are delivered in anti-static packaging. Such oscillations can be avoided inserting a decoupling resis- tor per gate or a separate driver circuit. One drawback is, that the on-state resistance of transistors with breakdown voltages above V is higher than the equivalent values for bipolar transistors of the same size.

The specified gate-source voltage V GS is set. Due to the special gate geometry, extremely short, reproducible channels current paths are possible. Kebon Sirih 4 P. The defects are classified according to their type and their extent. The screw head should not be located directly on the terminal, but over the pressure plate to distribute the force properly.


When soldering semiconductors, care must be taken that the component will not be thermally overloaded. T 8 The transistor is turned off, the input capacitance, however, continues to be discharged. Choisissez Timken pour prendre l’avantage sur vos concurrents et vous poser en leader de votre secteur d’activit.

In order that the insulation and the heat dissipation of the transistors will not be impeded, transistors and heat sinks should be cleaned from time to time.

BUZ73H MOSFET. Datasheet pdf. Equivalent

dagasheet A value greater than the gate threshold voltage results in a low-resistive drain- source path. SIPMOS transistors can be used as very fast switches in power supplies, dc voltage conver- ters, switched-mode power supplies, power inverters, broadband amplifiers, audio amplifiers, RF linear amplifiers, microcomputer and computer interfaces VLSI compatibleultrasonic gen- erators, etc.

The lead length L is measured from the soldering point. T bkz73 The transistor is switched on and behaves as a Miller integrator.

An ATtiny12 controller as a timer and some switching circuitry turns the doorbell off for 10 hours at the same time each day.

Box Taipei 5 3 6 31 71,03 2 7 8 60 datasgeet engco Thailand B. The on-state resistance decreases more slowly. For the purposes of this notice, copying binary data resulting from program files, including assembly source code and object hex files into semiconductor memories for personal, nonprofit educational or other noncommercial use is not considered republishing.

The transistor changes to its off state.

BUZ73 Datasheet –

The current already reaches its maximum value, but the forward loss is still considerably higher than in the saturated condition. Each cell is an individual transistor capable of functioning independently.

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The values datashert the dc voltage between gate-source and drain-source, as well as the measuring dahasheet quency are specified. Overview This is datashheet resettable timer and the to circuitry connect it to an 18V to 24V doorbell circuit.

For additional literature as well as questions on technology, delivery, and prices, please contact the Offices of Siemens Aktiengesellschaft in the Federal Republic of Germany and Berlin West or the Siemens Companies and Representatives abroad see list of Sales Offices. This disadvantage, however, is compensated by higher speed, simpler drive circuitry, compatibility with integrated circuits, etc.

Siemens Division United Centre, 2th floor P. Eltec Siemens House Industrial estate 3 dtasheet. The circuit consists of a power supply, a capacitor back-up circuit, a Atmel ATtiny12 microcontroller as a timer, and solid state realy circuit to switch the AC voltage in the doorbell circuit.

A Germanium or other material with an energy band gap of 0. The simple user interface is comprised of a resync button to synchronize the timer, a bypass switch to bypass the timer if desired, and two status indicator LEDs. Search the history of over billion web pages on the Internet.

This desire for reliability is also seen in the transient voltage protection in the solid state relay section of circuit and in the wiring of the board directly to the off-board switch and pushbutton rather than using connectors.

Repeated bending of the leads should be avoided. Datasneet is available in a wide range of sizes with several possible options: Head Office 1 Datasneet, Dr. A basic type number consists of: A positive current value corresponds to a positive cur- rent which enters the component at the terminal defined by the first index, e.