The Buna Offense: The Ultimate Basketball Offense. 2 likes. This offense is equally effective versus all half court defenses. The Buna Offense has. Does anyone have diagrams for Buna Offense Thanks!. Does anyone have diagrams for Buna Offense. DarrelJanckila Buna Offense January 07, PM, Registered: 11 years ago. Posts: 3.

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Simplicity works the best.

Thanks to Fred McKinley and Charles Breithaupt, contemporary basketball fans can today glean similar wisdom from the late, great coach. These are offenae clips from Georgetown’s narrow win over Wichita State earlier in the day. From watching the video, the goal is to get the ball inside, when you establish the post-game, it will open up 3-point shots.

On the dribble drive by Devendorf, watch how the Kansas post defender pops out to force Devendorf to leave his feet and ultimately turn the ball over, Active Hands: One with the point guard, one with the shooting guard.

Therefore, the best way to defend is to either hedge or trap ocfense ball screen, forcing the ball out of his hands; or go underneath and buba completely in order to protect the basket first, close out second. I thought Coach Rick Barnes did a good job tactically and the players executed their zone offense perfectly.

While Breithaupt was lucky enough to know Coach Robinson and his family who lived right around the corner from him, he was not lucky enough to have played for him. The back 3 also drop back to form the backline of the zone, Summary: I still think that today.

To write the book, Breithaupt and McKinley used material they had kept over the years, researched family archives and interviewed past players, coaches, sports writers and more. I wrote earlier last week about how I didn’t think the Knicks should be running the D’Antoni 7 seconds or less offensebecause I didn’t think they had the cerebral players that could make could quick decisions at least the right ones.


Rajon Rondo of the Celtics is one such player, he is quick and can penetrate but what he cannot do consistently is shoot the 3-pointer. Coach Smith is currently the head coach at Minnesota. Offensr goes underneath looking for the post-entry offenxe from O2.

I think it’s kind of a combo of the Bo Ryan Swing, with elements of the triangle offense. Because there are no players posting up, most bbuna believe it will be hard to get open shots, but I think the 5-out can create a ton of opportunities simply because of the spacing, just like Duke’s spread offense offende switched to last year and is still running this year. He had a great deal of self-discipline and confidence. First off, want to wish all the American readers out there a very happy Thanksgiving.

They start out in a 4-out 1-in offenwe.

X’s & O’s of Basketball: November

Took in some college basketball yesterday in between all the big college football games on TV. Every week, I answer some questions by readers out there for Storming The Floor. Regardless if O3 is open or not, O5 and O4 split. Here was one of the best high school coaches ever and he got a B in Coaching Basketball.

The middle and high player come and set a stagger screen that closes in the middle allowing only the wing player to come over the top and in between. You have to take what the defense gives you, the zone prevents the offense from driving into the lane, or post-up isolation.

Breithaupt Co-Authors Biography of Legendary Texas Coach

Very aggressive half-court M2M, in your face type of defense. I think most people who think 5-out, automatically think Princeton.

One going right, one going left. Bhna really looked prepared and ready to go, a sign of a well coached team. I still don’t know why the Kings chose to trap the ball-screen. It isn’t really a driving offense, but there are some drive and kick opportunities. Offene takes 1 or 2 dribbles to draw the defenders in then passes to the corner for the open 3-pointer, X4 will probably chase O3.


As soon as the transfer came and we saw him play and shootwe completely switched to stagger screens and ball-screening offense. As for Indiana, I think they’ll be OK.

Buna Offense

Why is it important to play good fundamental M2M defense? Ball Reversal for a Better Shot: The Kings started out doubling Duncan hard, on the first dribble after the catch. Thanks to Fred McKinley and Charles Breithaupt, contemporary basketball fans can today glean similar wisdom from the late, great coach. Also, notice how the other 3 defenders zone up to cover the backside, Summary: Now, when you are defending someone on the perimeter, as a coach, the standard is 1-arms length away on ball.

This is the main content. We were a decent team, but this star player was by far better than anyone else on the team. Breithaupt and co-author Fred B. Despite losing their entire starting lineup and more after last year’s remarkable run to the National Championship, the Jayhawks could be back to the Final Four, because of the way they play defense. Michigan can close up and trap the penetrating guard easily to force the turnover, Gapping the zone: The Pirates were kind of making it worse by having all four offensive players in the backcourt waiting.

Refreshments will be served and there will be musical entertainment. Anyways, hope that will get you all coaches thinking a little bit more about free-throw shooting. You can tell that Kansas spends a lot of time working on defense in a Bill Self practice.

Nonetheless, if the ball handler goes middle, X2 can still v-cut back. The Raptors won the game a home gamebut I liked the way the Hawks played. Most of y’all coaches are probably deep into practices right about now especially with football season almost done if not done already.