A lot of people ware waiting for the new book of Borodin, “Final Curtain”, translated into English, especially after reading his book “Sheherazad”. In this book, for the first time, Borodin reveals parts of his performing FINAL CURTAIN is a chamber of mental treasures that will be difficult to put down, once . Beinhaltet die deutsche Version von Final Curtain und noch viel mehr. Borodin and I decided that we wanted to preserve the format of Sheherazade in the.

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Must require electronic knowledge – does not give any diagrams or construction details. In this story the face of the magician changes borpdin a skeleton face, right in front of the spectators.

Think outside the box, cos people are all thinking inside now!! You might have more luck a few rooms up on the Bizarre forum. The most involved item would probably be “The House in Livorno. Final Curtain is one of them.

Magic Tricks

Mar 26, Risetti New user 30 Posts. I just got the call from the trucking company this afternoon. In the last chapter gives us five examples of mentalism with an esoteric twist.


Using the story element in Mentalism really interests me. Each routine comes cuetain a full story. A very readable English translation by Bill Palmer. The description and the reviews convinced me that if I were to only buy five books on mentalism, this would be on the list.

I haven’t seen it elsewhere and Murphy’s doesn’t find it in their search. Feb 22, But if you have a friend who is a taxidermist — hey, there you go!

I will buy this book next especially because it probably won’t be in print much longer! Questions about this product.

Very few books make my “will buy, no questions asked ” list, as opposed to my “might buy” list. Is this book available exsclusively through Hocus Pocus?

The main thing that will make or break one of the presentations is your ability to take a story, tell it well, and make it interesting for the audience. For those who are interested, please PM. View our magic tricks index.

Final Curtain by Borodin – Free Download PDF

The Other Brothers With the help of finnal performer, his ghost is summoned in a wooden box,and he proves his existence by showing some of his old habits. This page was created in 0. The third chapter is for stage performers only. Final Curtain will show you they way. Also quick question – for a mentalist who isn’t a bizzarist, will the material still be very useful and useable a.


A large section on stage shows. Boodin blindfold effects, predictions, bizarre mentalism, card mentalism, haunted key.

The Magic Cafe Forums – Sheherazade, Final Curtain – Borodin

And there is some excellent mental magic as well. They are the ones Borodin did not want to reveal until the time was right.

We’re proud to let you read our mail. We’re proud to have the strongest Shipping Guarantee in all of magic. I could never pull off long stories like my friend Clifford or many others in this topic. Anyway welcome and good luck