The is a fully programmable triple Output DC Power Supply delivering 0- 30V/A For example: BK PRECISION, , ,V Do not operate the instrument in ways not specified by this manual or by B&K Precision. Failure to comply with these precautions or with warnings elsewhere in . The is a fully programmable triple output DC Power Supply delivering. 0- 30V/A on 2 outputs and V/A on 1 output. Each output is fully floating and.

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System Set back to meter precisiln or output mode The minimum is 4 seconds, and the maximum is seconds. Front-panel Operation Overview The power supply is shipped from the factory ready for front-panel operation mode.

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After this command executed, the operation condition is reset. By pressing ‘print’ button you will print only current page.

This product is intended for use by qualified personnel who recognize shock hazards and are familiar with the safety precautions required to avoid possible injury. When configuring for series or parallel operation, the user must wire the terminals to match the configuration. Use these tools to define each test step and add new test steps. Level Sensors – Controls. This chapter describes in detail how to operate the instrument manually via the front-panel keys.


Got it, continue to print. Test and Measurement Equipment. V-set V-set Set the voltage value Page 21 Connection diagram example: Safety Information Safety information Please review the following safety precautions before operating our equipment. Clearly state in writing the performance problem and return any leads, probes, connectors and accessories that you are using with the device.

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Front-panel Operation So far pprecision have covered the quick start chapter which briefly introduced the front panel operation and how to check basic voltage and current functionality. This command reads the actual output current of the power supply. These registers are status byte register, standard event register, quest condition register and operation status register.

Pressthen enter a numerical value Enter followed by. If Communication waiting appears in the status bar for more than 10 seconds, you need to check your configuration and connection between computer and power rpecision.


This command queries the time of the output-timer for the current channel. Pumps, Motors and Compressors. Alternatively, press to move the cursor adjust the voltage value Enter using the knob. Lost Factory Calibration Note: Usually ships in 11 days.

This command returns the number of the selected channel Precsion the VFD annunciators will turn on at once.

Scpi Command Overview 5. Enter a Enter Enter numerical value followed by or press to set the wait-time.

Verify that the correct power-line fuse is installed. In addition, control with front-panel emulation, execute test sequences, and log measurements using a PC and the software precisikn need to write source code. Channels 1 and 2 connected in parallel Load Note: Save And Open Configure the software operating parameters and serial communication parameters. This parameter determines which bit of the quest event register is set to 1.