Click on the Issue No. to purchase the comics from Online Store. Not all GENL- , BHOKAL TILISM MEIN, , 10, GENL Bhokal. Real Name: Alop. Identity/Class: Angel. Occupation: Defender of Vikasnagar. Affiliations: First Appearance: Khoufknak Khel (Raj Comics, ). Raj Comics Superheroes: Anthony (Comics), Bheriya, Bhokal, Doga (Comics), Fighter Toads, Gojo (Comics), Inspector Steel, Nagraj, Parmanu, Shak. 67 likes.

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He killed his rival Fuchang who was responsible for death of his parents. Dark fantasy is also used to describe stories told from a monsters point of view. Fictional Indian people Indian comics Raj Comics superheroes. He is one of Raj Comics most successful characters, over the years, Dhruva has acquired an iconic status in the Indian comic book superhero genre. His comics feature real life like stories usually inspired from true events giving his comics a byokal world far from science fiction making him popular among mature readers.

Normal bullets and bombs can not harm him.

Bhokal – WikiVisually

He once wielded the weapon Prahara on his forehead, in memory of its previous owner and Bho,al deceased wife, Turin. Sinha, during the Indian Comic Con festival, recalled, Children see the very differently. Although considered hotheaded and arrogant, she is gracious enough to love in peoples hearts for one another.

Forum by Raj Comics Raj Comics. Heathrow to create a clone of himself in every aspect, the clone grew to adulthood very rapidly due to accelerated cloned genes. His friend, Professor Anees, was the one who performed this operation.


It granted him psychic powers. After that Pratap Mullick illustrated the character for around 50 issues, sincethe illustration work of Nagraj has been taken over by artist and writer Anupam Sinha.

Chanda, the housewife, is simple and not very much educated. Yoddha is an Indian comic book character, one of a number of titles published by Raj Comics. Grant and Karl Edward Wagner are credited with having coined the term dark fantasy—although coics authors were describing different styles of comjcs.

This page was last edited on 20 Septemberat Tureen is also the love interest of Comjcs. T-shirt and jeans are his standard wear, bizarre characters confront Gamraj creating hilarious comic scenes laced with suspense and thrills. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Character pop Converting comics character infoboxes. Dark fantasy — Dark fantasy is a subgenre of fantasy which can refer to literary, artistic, and cinematic works that incorporate darker and frightening themes of fantasy.

The fantasy work of H. The Sword is capable of cutting through most of the then-known materials and elements, making it one of the greatest weapons of its time.

Bhokal – Wikipedia

Inspector Steel is composed of armor plating, ICs, chips, various weapon systems, the only human part within him is his brain, which is wired to the rest of the systems. Sections of this page. Mukesh Khanna as Shaktimaan. His father permitted him to go but he also sent Yamunda, Yamunda has heavenly powers of disappearing and can appear when Gamraj calls him and also he can transform into any vehicle he wants.


YouTube Videos [show more]. Note the different check digits in each.

Bhokal comics collection

The birth of this meant the loss of the throne for him 7. You can help Wikipedia by expanding it. Inspector Steel — Inspector Steel is an Indian comic book character, one of a number of titles published by Raj Comics.

In issues ‘Dhikkar’ and ‘Antardwand’ Bhokal battles to retain his powers as well as find and clear name of his biological father ‘Yuddheshthveer’. M his uncles and aunt as he has no real relative in this world, and looks up to them as his guardians. This Page is automatically generated based on what Facebook users are interested in, and not affiliated with or endorsed by anyone associated with the topic.

She has an eye which is the sign of the Goddess Kali. Knowing that he was the potential heir to the throne. This power, known as Bhokal Shakti, can be summoned by calling his name during combats and battles by shouting Jai Mahaguru Bhokal. His physical prowess is a result of extremely rigorous workouts in gym and he has even fought Kobi, a wolf-like superhero, who is much taller and stronger nhokal him. He is a legendary winged warrior prince of a fictional fabled Parilok fairyland. His quest to bnokal his father continues in ‘Yugaandhar’.

Sir Fode, Sir Fode is a headcracker and he loves anything that brings a mighty bill.