Pterosaur Legend Code Geass: Legend of the Inferno Armor — Dirty Pair: A manga version by Hideaki Fujii was serialized in Kerokero Ace magazine beginning in July and ended in September Setsuko is very strict about the school rules and tries to prevent the Battle Spirits Club from forming because it could impede studying. Shinjuku Private Eyes Code Geass: A part-time worker at the Toaru Battle Spirits Center. Gekishin Dragon Warriors Kero 0:

In episode 42 he resigns from the Group and becomes an official member of Team Shomentoppa. Hayami frequently gives her passengers advice when they appear troubled. Battlogue Gundam Build Fighters: The first, Battle Spirits: After Meganeko receives the yellow pyroxene stone, Nanarin begins to speak. A novel entitled Battle Spirits:

Secret of the Kero Ball!? Bashin’s father, who left his family to explore the world. Nanao is typically timid, but when in his Galaxy Seven persona, he is very confident and narcissistic.

Bashin and Meganeko’s elementary school teacher.

The vice president of Tonari Private Middle School’s student council. He lives with his parents, sister Kyouka, and pet cat Okyou, but his father is often busy.

Battle Spirits: Shounen Toppa Bashin – Wikipedia

The story follows the day-to-day adventures of an optimistic and energetic young boy nicknamed Bashin. The TV Series — Retrieved October 18, He has a cold personality, though warms up with the influence of Kyouka and Bashin.


In episode 33 he is shown to have joined the Thousand Spirits Group. Moonlight Butterfly Crush Gear: After battling and losing to Bashin in a tournament, he leaves the Numbers to become closer to his family.

Soldiers of Sorrow Mobile Suit Gundam: Bay City Wars City Hunter: Island Wars Mobile Suit Gundam: He possesses the oval-shaped red pyroxene stone, which was given to him by his father. He is also very rich, as his father is head of an electronics firm, and is chauffeured everywhere.

Having been brought up in Kyoto, she has an Osakan accent. In the past, he was part of an invincible masked card battler duo with Hayami.

Kirari Kiseki no Kecchaku! After this, she begins to wear contacts instead of glasses and associates with the other pyroxene card battlers.

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A Contact The Ideon: Bashin uses an exclusively red deck in the beginning, adding more colors as the series continues. She formerly lived in the same apartment complex as Bashin and frequently babysat him. In the epilogue, shhounen gives Bashin a new pyroxene stone before heading out to continue his journey around the world.

While My Sunshine has a very bright and cheery personality, Suiren is somewhat rude and overbearing. Though she loses to Bashin, she is awakened as a pyroxene card battler.

While not a chosen battler until very late in the series, she knows about the pyroxene stones through J and Okyou and becomes a part of Bashin’s circle of friends.


Since then, a series of mysteries bashih occurred within the school which Bashin and Meganeko must solve.

Battle Spirits Shounen Toppa Bashin ep 26 (1/2)

Shounen Gekiha Dan — Inuyasha: Pailsen Files — Code Geass: As Suiren she uses a primarily purple deck, while as My Sunshine she uses a yellow deck. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. He is frequently busy working as head of a large electronics firm.

Aibou is rather feisty and tends to nag battlr Bashin for his shortcomings. J and Kyouka’s father. Sword Eyes — Gintama’: Love is the Pulse of the Stars Kaiketsu Zorori: She is from Kyoto. Battlle of the Re;surrection Mobile Suit Gundam: Mysterious Adults throughout the world, obtain X-rare cards to build the greatest bathle, and take down King Uchuuchouten.

A novel entitled Battle Spirits: In the hospital, Hayami teaches him how to play Battle Spirits, thus awakening him as a pyroxene card battler. Legend of the Inferno Armor — Dirty Pair:

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