The recitation of Bashair Al Khairat is so powerful that its immense benefits can be noticed in this world, BUT MOST IMPORTANTLY, you will reap the benefits. Bashair al Khayrat. 1 like. Book. Bashair al Khayrat. Privacy · Terms. About. Bashair al Khayrat. Book. 1 person likes this topic. Want to like this Page? Sign up. Bashair Al Khairat – Download as Word Doc .doc /.docx), PDF File .pdf), Text File .txt) or read online. BASHAIR UL KHAIRAT.

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Bashair al-Khairat

If some problem troubles its owner, every invocation of it will be a means of access for him in the presence of the noble Prophet, and every Quranic verse in it will be an intercession in knayrat presence of the Almighty Patron. When he is raised up on the Day of Resurrection, an angel will bring him good news from his abshair, and an angel will reassure him from his left. Fasting during Ramadan was ordained during the second year of Hijrah.

At this point, the Prophet Allah bless him and give him peace bowed down in prostration, and the sense of shame prevented him from saying anything. It is better than someone who emancipates a thousand souls, and immolates a thousand sacrificial khaurat, and donates a thousand dinars [gold coins] to charitable causes, and fasts for a thousand months. Al-hamdu lillahi Rabbi l-alamin. Her body will consist of the most fragrant perfume, as if it were the full moon of the night of his consummation.


To whom do the heavens belong, O Muhammad?

Bashair-al-Khairat – Jadeed Health And Fitness Tips

Our righteous ancestors have set the perfect example in the way they preserved the prayer,even when they were ill and weak. But as for him who feared to stand before wa amma man khafa. And give glad tidings to those who patiently persevere, wa bashshiri s-sabirin: I do not waste the labor of any laborer la udiu amala amilin.

The second will inspire him to utter the profession of faith [Kalimat ash-Shahada]. Surely the Garden [of Paradise] fa-inna l-jannata. If someone produces a good deed, man jaa bil-hasanati. It is the opening of seventy doors of mercy, and it manifests marvels from the path of the Garden of Paradise.

When he passes across the Bridge of Hell, the Fire will say to khayeat The first will keep Satan away from him. Such are those whom Allah guides, ulaika lladhina hada-humu llahu. Each dome will contain a palace of gold, and in each palace there will be one hundred pavilions made of light.

Salawat of Sheikh Abdul Qadir Jilani RA – Bashair al-Khairat – “Glad Tidings of Good Tidings”

When he ,hayrat raised up on the Day of Resurrection, an angel will bring him good news from his right, and an angel will reassure him from his left. Islam is your Birthright. It is the invocation of blessing of those who perform the ritual prayer, the Quranic recitation of those who practice remembrance, the admonition of those who heed advice, and the means of access of those who seek access.


And My mercy embraces all things, wa rahmati wasiat kulla shai. And give glad tidings to the believers, Wa bashshiri l-muminin.

But for him who fears the standing wa li-man khafa maqama. You belong to him who invokes blessing upon you, and who does so with profound respect and reverence.


His idea will not be frustrated, and his supplication will not be rejected. Information about ijaazah, please keep reading below.

The fourth will hold in his hand a vessel of gold, filled with the fruits of the Garden of Paradise, giving him the glad tidings of a dwelling in the Garden, and saying to him: They raise those who adopt them to the highest degrees, and cause them to reach the farthest goals.

I intended to ask him about their special merit, but he answered me before I asked him, and he said to me: Allah surely loves the beneficient. I have rewarded them this day ihayrat jazaitu-humu l-yawma.

Truly, Allah loves those who repent, inna llaha yuhibbu t-tawwabina.