Old School Audio Art HC 2 channel amplifier,USA Made,Amp,SQ,Cheater | Consumer Electronics, Vehicle Electronics & GPS, Car Audio | eBay!. AUDIO ART HC amplifier | Consumer Electronics, Vehicle Electronics & GPS, Car Audio & Video Installation | eBay!. Audio Art HC Not the prettiest but % functional. If you are looking at this then you already know what it is. Here we have one of the greatest old school.

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Post Jun 30, 1 T Post Jun 30, 2 T Post Jun 30, 3 T Post Jul 01, 4 T Post Jul 01, 5 T Post Jul 02, 6 T Post Jul 03, 7 T Post Jul 03, 8 T Post Jul 17, 9 T I was recommended this forum from a friend at diymobileaudio. I run a website called OldSchoolStereo.

Anyway, I was curious if anyone had this issue of autohifi pretty sure it’s a issue, have no idea what month. It is great to see the sharing that occurs here on this forum. I see someone has taken the time auudio only to scan the F. FWD magazines, but to create a website and share them. Cheers for all of the hard work!

I have a LOT of scans I’m willing to share in due time. I look forward audlo participating here on talkaudio and hope I can add some benefit to the discussion. I can’t do links or embedded pictures, so I’ll post them when I can Old 100uc Car Audio Fanatic! Hiya, let me post those pics for you You cant as you don’t have enough posts yet Welcome to TA I hope you find what you’re looking for What a beautifully made amp!!!!


I understand the limitations of new users, thanks for embedding the pics for me! Hi Dereck 100hv welcome to TalkAudio! I post over on your Facebook page occasionally Mark.

Thanks Mark for the welcome! I look forward to some engaging discussions over here. BTW, I found the article from autohifibut was incorrect I guess I could type each word into google translate as I doubt my scanner software can extract all of the words.

Audio Art hc – Car Audio | | Car Stereo Forum

I found this on hifi-forum. Since I can embed now, here’s the Ad I mentioned above: The auto hifi article was from and Att having my neighbor translate it for me. If anyone agt the issue and could do a higher quality scan, I’d be greatly appreciative!

They are in German, but I will have my neighbor translate them for me and will post the translations. I should have the article translated in a few days, will post it as well.


Audio Art 100HC

The hand on test endures the DM expensive amp, without any problems. The housing is scratchproof, the weight a auvio bit on the high side, leads to a compact interior. The black cooling body leads off additional heat very well, better than white, but has no further impact on the unit.

He who considers high end with perfect connection terminals, will be a little disappointed with the clamp connectors.

Audio Art 100HC Amplifier Review?

The knobs for treble and bass adjustment do not make a perfect picture. In comparison the HC to the American amp brags with a double mono construction, every channel has its own transformer station and per channel 12 transistors which enables the HC for high current.

The four ohms ahdio the HC are tremendous.

The sound expresses itself with great measuring values and the reproduction of the finest sound nuances. The Mark II is precision world champion with a touch more bass pressure and softer treble.

A top class unit. Choose Display Mode Original Dark.