AS/ Count of spool files in a OUTQ AS/ Spool Files. How to get the total number (count) of spool files in a perticular OUTQ. The purpose of this document is to assist you in configuring your System i ( iSeries, AS/) to print through RPM. It is intended for AS/ and network. I have installed RPM Remote Print ManagerĀ®, but now I do not know how to setup my AS/ to print to it. Do you have steps for setting up a remote OUTQ in the.

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If you want to print the documents, choose a Text printer action. The remote OUTQ should have the following settings.

Now add any transforms you require. This is nice in the sense that if you ran a job and you don’t know where the report went, just look in your list of spooled files for every report you produced that has not yet printed.

These instructions are intended to provide as040 a brief introduction on RPM configuration. In most cases an OUTQ passes data to a printer without delay.

Release Output Queue (RLSOUTQ)

Let’s get the terms straight. To start, think of writers and printers as the same thing.


Manufacturer type and model. For instance, if you want to archive the file to disk, add Archive to disk. If you are archiving the files to disk, you could use either Text markup to PDF or Remove text markup transform.

How to setup remote AS/ OUTQ | Brooksnet

Order of files on queue. The steps in the next section, when followed exactly, require an SCS to text markup transform. Skip to main content. We will be open as usual Wednesday through Friday.

This question is for testing whether or not you are a human visitor and to prevent automated spam submissions. If you delete a report from your spooled file list, you are really deleting it from the OUTQ where it is being stored! Lutq more detailed instructions, refer to the RPM manual.

A spooled file list displays reports according to who generated the report. However, it is possible to hold reports in an OUTQ without printing them. Well, first of all, the correct term is actually spooled files as in, files that have been spooled to print. The new queue will be created. Enter the name of the new queue you wish to add and click Create.


AS/400 Remote OUTQ on V4R4 (version 4.4) and Later

Then, instead of printing, the report will simply sit and wait for you to view it, delete it, or redirect it to an OUTQ that is attached to an actual printer. If you are using a Text printer action, no further transforms are necessary. Highlight the queue and choose Settings from the Queue menu.

Because the OUTQ P1 currently does not have a printer attached to it, the report will just sit there. A Forms Control Buffer. A system operator may do this to print the end-of-day reports that were designated to be printed.

Writers, Printers, Spool Files and OUTQs

What is a spool file? If xs400 OUTQ does have a printer attached, reports will print whenever they are ready and the printer is varied on and the writer is started. Add the action s necessary to produce your desired results. Create new account Request new password.