(). “Os Hereges de Duna” (ill. Victor Burton, transl. Jorge Luiz Calife, originally “Heretics of Dune_), (). “As Herdeiras de Duna” (ill. Victor Burton and Al. cswiki Kapitula: Duna; enwiki Chapterhouse: Dune; eswiki Casa Capitular itwiki La rifondazione di Dune; plwiki Kapitularz DiunÄ…; ptwiki As Herdeiras de Duna. Os Filhos de Duna, Brithenig, Blackstar, O Imperador-Deus de Duna, As Herdeiras de Duna, Sliders, Star Ocean, Gunbuster, Ucronia, Ponto de divergencia.

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The Assassination Weapon [english] with J. Accolade [english] with Charles Grey.

Angel [english] with Janet Harvey. It is a pity that Frank Herbert died before he could finish the series. Angels in the Jets [english] with Jerome Bixby. Adam Link – Robot [english] with Eando Binder. Analog 1 [english] with John W. Amor sem limites [portuguese] with Robert A.

One book was about sexual obsession by the author and child rape and pages and pages of philosophical gobbledy gook that was batted back and forth by cardboard characters like a badminton birdie. Altered States [english] with Paddy Chayefski. Angado [english] with E. The Alchemist’s Question [english] with Michael Moorcock. Menschenjagd im Weltraum [german] with Mark Brandis.


Ask Me Anything [english] with Damon Knight. This year I read 62 books. The Artist [english] with Rosel George Brown. A ameaca da terra [portuguese] with Robert A. The Asteroid Wars [english] with Ben Bova. The 10th Victim [english] with Robert Sheckley.

Another Little Boy [english] with Brian W. Alta [english] with Mercedes Lackey. Aleja Potepienia [polish] with Roger Zelazny.

Angel Fire East [english] with Terry Brooks. The Airs of Earth [english] with Brian W.

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America the Beautiful [english] with Fritz Leiber. Amazing Stories, June [english] with Cele G. Alien Hefdeiras [english] with Gordon R. Accelerando [english] with Charles Stross. Ancient Blood [english] with Diane Carey. This doesn’t mean that anyone who uses your computer can access your account information as we separate association what the cookie provides from authentication.

Affinity Trap [english] with Martin Sketchley. Full image dune posterart frankherbert chani stillsuit arrakis shaihulud.


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Architects of Emortality [english] with Brian M. The 97th Step [english] with Steve Perry. Amazing Stories July [english] with Hugo Gernsback.

Ancient, My Enemy [english] with Gordon R. The Anarchistic Colossus [english] with A. We still get Herddeiras Herbert’s world building, but characterization is lacking. Around the World in 24 Hours [english] with R. Lukerik Oct 8, I loved Dune, but each additional novel in the series seems to fall shorter than the last. But that only permitted other men with machines to enslave them.

Eternity [english] with Greg Cox.

Act of Retipuj [english] with Samuel Garfinkel. Alastor [english] with Jack Vance. Acts of Conscience [english] with William Barton.