Comprender La Comunicacion by Antonio Pasquali at – ISBN 10 : – ISBN – Monte Avila Editores – : Comprender la comunicación: L Monte Avila – pp Subrayado y con anotaciones. S. Antonio Pasquali is the author of Comunicacion y Cultura de Masas ( avg rating, 5 ratings, 0 reviews), Comprender La Comunicacion ( avg rating, 4.

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Handbook for TV journalism, emhasizing writing guidelines and its link with image production.

Comprender la comunicación – Antonio Pasquali – Google Books

In an inversion mentality, moral values were central in the past, but now things have been reversed. A classic in linguistic which shows the relations between “texts” and “contexts”; that is, between functions and structures of languages and its social and cultural relationships. Aug 29 – 8: It is based on the experience of the author who uses concept developed in previews books.

Ending the AIDS epidemic by ? Recent Classifieds View antoonio. Aug 30 – 4: Six essays written by Latin American researchers dealing with transnational implication in culture and national indentities.

Based on Freud and Mead, the author outlines an advertising theory and proposes methods to evaluate campaigns. Teoria e pesquiso em comunicacao: Its historical perspective as well its theoretical consistency makes this book an excellent teaching resource when stressing the social aspects of journalism more than its technical elements.

Compilation of conference edited by Saussure’s students after his death. Classic work of the French philosopher who as usual combines science with a poetic approach. An interesting analysis of TV in passquali ludic and spectacular dimension. Conflicto politico y cultural. The book shows the intimate relation between an excellent journalist as a professional and his ethical considerations as a human being. Scientific approach to communication: Prieto is always very attractive for Spanish South America due to its clear and organized presentations of topics always related to everyday life experiences.


This view is slowly changing in Latin America. It emphasizes communication as a process and not as a static description of elements. Bettetini’s semiotic analysis are always of great clarity and application to mass media.

This book is an excellent review of Latin American research essential for an overview of communication in the continent. La publicidad, textos y conceptos. It stresses the new journalistic approach in relation to historical changes in pasquall and to social and political perspectives in the world.

The purpose of this chapter is to identify principles of social ethics that rise above the oversimplifications that characterize traditional morality. Its pedagogical approach make it an important book for applied research, especially in relation to social pasquaki educational projects.

Freire’s critical approach shows how communication for innovation only extends a paradigm which does not correspond to Latin America. It considers organizational behavior and environments, communication networks and organizational development and innovation.

It shows the need for communication policies that may face the change that these technologies are producing.

Antonio Pasquali (Author of Comprender La Comunicacion)

It is a useful handbook not only because of its methodological descriptions, but also due to its very clear and even humorous style. General description of radio history, languages and techniques. Useful technical handbook for “layout” courses.

Handbook written with the participation of various experts as a general course in advertising. The Case of Taiwan Chapter Analysis of communication processes within a cultural perspective emphasizing the Anttonio American point of view: It is still used in our communication schools not as a historical reference, but as theoretical information.


Moragas Spa, Miguel de Comp.

Mutaciones Bastardas de la Comunicación: conferencia de apertura, IAMCR 2017

Philosophical and ethical approach to communication as a trascendental category. As examples of communication possibilities, their achievements and limitations, it is an interesting book for university teaching.

Well known French scholar who lived in Latin America analyzes the dangers and aggressions of space ownership in relation to satelites and worldwide communications. It presents a communication theory based on a structural approach which includes a cybernetic perspective relating philosophical, engeneering and social concepts. Articles reffered to languages, codes, messages and their ideological relation to social change, public opinion and social control.

A classic in post-structuralist semiotics, stressing the close link with a philosophical approach to language analysis. Philosophical and sociological questions regarding journalism. Communication for Social Change.

A collection of articles which evaluate different alternative communication experiences. Comunkcacion book of the British researcher describes communication and art within social organisations.

I mean crisis and not inversion.

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This is a useful introductory book to communication science. This is a very well known and used book in the continent due to its critical approach, antonko Latin American point of view and its cultural proposals in relation to communication. Las culturas populares en el capitalismo.