They should open in another tab. Took a lot of tries. Thanks peejaydee27 — Thanks! Thank you ohforfive for this excellent strategy, and e-star for the video. Second shot debris took out the left hanging pig, and another piece of debris flew WAY up then came down to hit the rope holding up the right 2, to clear the field. The 2 cement blocks MUST fall to the left.

In fact, I found that the shot to the nearest structure was harder. Worked great and was able to gain 6k in points. Must find my boxing gloves now, I have Ham Em High, but doing my utmost to not open it until the Christmas ones finish!! Walkthrough for Seasons Greedings level Watch this step-by-step Video Walkthrough, which may help and guide you through each and every level part of this game. I am android, dont know if that makes a difference. The bird comes down on the board between the 2nd and 3rd towers very close to the 3rd tower , bringing both of them down.

Barely touching the base of the sling with the right tip of YB seemed to provide some consistency with the shot but the activation point seemed to be birdss variable factor in the landing point to enable the stones to fall left in the manner to destroy the lower pigs and present.

High arc coming down just to the right of the top boulder so as to cut the rope and send both sides tumbling. Great score any tips would be greatly appreciated: Copyright – ChapterCheats.

Please Submit a Problem for any incomplete, non-working or fake cheat listed above. I found bbirds bringing bird 1 down closer to the second structure worked better for me. Do I enter the details or do you? This level is not the easiest in the bunch, but keep trying.

Not a problem henrypartridge You must understand that young angry birds fans visit those pages daily. First bird low arc and bringing back into the boulder.


Walkthrough for Seasons Greedings level – Angry Birds: Seasons Video Walkthroughs for Android

Thank you ohforfive for this excellent strategy, and e-star for the video. If I remember correctly, my second shot just blew debris everywhere. We will over come it!

I improved my score by 12K points, and there is obviously more to be milked from this. They should open in another tab.

If you think you are an expert then please try to help others with their questions. Wow, I did good here it looks like, but nothing special to report. I used the same Boomerang to the 1-3 like everybody else and send the orange bird to the left bottom structure.

Angry Birds Seasons South HAMerica Level 1-23 Walkthrough

Walkthrough for Hogs and Kisses My shooting sucks too! The only one i can see is that there is no ham n high yet: Not only smashing piggies to green pulp but thwarting the evil powah!!

Thanx BL, and thanx for all the hard work at the Angry Birds Nest this Christmas, we are all aware that you all do a lot of work to keep walkthrouugh site up and updated, thank you all, and Merry Christmas and to everyone ggeedings too XXX.

Stuck in this game? Walkthrough for Trick or Treat First bird was the same. Orange bird to far right to finish things off. I was rather shamed at the 45K if Im honest, its hard to clear this lvl and not get at least 2 stars! The bird comes down on the board between the 2nd and 3rd towers very close to the 3rd towerbringing both of them down.

This collapses the structure. I had to watch the video posted by e-star to remember how it was done and managed to improve a good deal.

Perhaps it was luck, but I am not birda. Seasons Video Walkthroughs for Android called “Walkthrough for Seasons Greedings level ” and has been posted or updated on Jun 9, by scarbzscope. If you know other secrets, hints, glitches or level guides, then please Submit your Cheats and share your insights with other players.


Angry Birds Seasons Greedings Walkthrough Videos 3 Star | AngryBirdsNest

I had struggled with this level for the longest time until I saw this. Rather chuffed I got this one right: No foul language will be tolerated. This brings it down and releases the rope, which swings down destroying the 2 presents and the pig in the bell.

Thats why I hadnt seen it, I was looking for a whole new download, expected to have to pay for it too, so what a bonus when I found out it was free.

Walkthrough for Seasons Greedings level for Angry Birds: I could Not have gotten such a nice score without you two! This page contains Angry Birds: Easter 16 in seasons From: Walkthrough for Seasons Greedings level Thanks ohforfive for the strat, it helped me make a new video and up my score! Loft greedints White bird, bombing the hill so to ricochet into the red present and final pig. Getting the first shot to walkthrokgh in the right spot takes a little practice. If you’re interested in supporting AngryBirdsNest or RocketPond please contact us or check out our advertising rates.

Rope gets cut, piggies fall into bridge, boulder and left pig fall on structure, boulder from structure takes lower right pig there and rls onto bridge braeki g it and setting off TNT. I got this way! Walkthrough for Easter Eggs Worked great and was able to gain 6k in points.

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