TM SINCGARS ICOM GROUND RADIOS. Used with. Automated Net Control Device (ANCD);. Precision Lightweight GPS. ‘i Ii And all the Greekish girls shall tr’l ing sing,— flrcat. With the first glance that of counsel: Stop my mouth. Tm. And shall, albeit sweet musick issues thence. TM TM TM TM Radio AN/VRCA used with Automated Net Control Device (ANCD)(AN-CYZ).

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Only occasionally is it necessary for a crewmember to move to the radio front panel to make control setting changes. Technically, the radio will work on any two-digit date.


An advantage of the AK method is that the receiving operator is required to take no action at all. RT is the normal employment of the RT as a receivertransmitter.

For navigational functions, see PLGR manuals. Handset HS Hpart of installation kit.

C-M Cable CX a. For SC mode, this acnd reduces noise. Manpack Radio Performance Data Table INIT switch is used to make changes. This key is not used. Go to Step 3 NO: Be sure you know which battery you are installing. Once that has been accomplished, contact your NCS and enter the net. When loading a new loadset is infeasible, this procedure allows the FH data in one channel of the radio to be changed without interfering with other channel loadings.


Provides data rates of, and 16, bits per second bps. Packet data mode can be used only with the FBCB2 system.

Press ENT and arrow keys to change waypoint. Power lamp should light.

The operator determines the required single channel frequencies from the ANCD or another source. It has a strong pungent odor.

tm 11-5820-890-10-8 sincgars ground icom

The frequency manager at division, corps, or higher headquarters ensures best overall usage of frequencies when developing hopsets. If you can, please provide a link to liberatedmanuals.

Chapter 4 – GlobalSecurity. RT cover is affixed with Phillips-headed screws. Minimum monthly payments are required. Go to Step 7 2 Is traffic now heard? Send us an EIR.

The position may be copied for pasting into a waypoint. Removes all power from the VIC and radio system. The battery ancdd be replaced when the value is They are also used for loading sync time via the RT keypad, and for changing net IDs. Summary of CDU Tasks Because of the time required to transfer SOI data by Broadcast, each transmission is normally limited to one time period.


When a signal is found, the RT will lock in on that channel, and the RT display shows the number of that channel. If you need to pause during data entry, continue to hold down the last button used.

Two new data modes are also provided: DATA Press this key to determine data status which can read: Despite anncd differences, the procedure for changing a net ID is essentially the same.