Corrado Malanga. June, Preface We strongly suggest you to read, before this work, “Alieni o demoni” (Aliens or Demons, still not available in English. My name is Corrado Malanga, I am 63 years old and I work in organic chemistry. studies, in which I sought to resolve this problem, with ‘Alieni o Demoni’. Mr. Corrado Malanga received the diploma of surveyor in , and graduated Later on in the book “Alieni o Demoni” (Aliens or Demons), Corrado Malanga.

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Search the history of over billion web pages on the Internet. Corrado Malanga June, Preface This work creates a strong link between the abduction experiences, their reality, and the Myth world. We re-interpreted the Jewish Qabbalah using the information coming from the abduction phenomenon. Introduction The time has come to shed light on the genesis of the Universe.

Such articles described the results achieved thanks to our research on the issues related to abductions and alien interferences on our planet, within the limits of the techniques we used to examine thoroughly such phenomena. We now are able to give a better and more detailed image for the map of the territory.

Such mental simulation systems do not require an external simulator, but they can be self-induced. For now, It is sufficient to know that we tried to use the abductees who already had solved their abduction issue, as remote viewer, so to say.

Their Remote view capabilities were extremely interesting and gave us excellent cues that allowed us to create an organization chart for the entire creation.

In plain words, we asked the Soul component, once separated from the triad, to describe some of the events about the past corrwdo about the evolution of our planet. We listened to certain statements that were pronounced by the abductees: They came up in both cases: The 3D organization chart which we present you here represents the Creation of the Coreado based on the descriptions provided by the Soul components.

In such organization chart we made a major adjustment to the demooni hypothesis: We thought at first, when we crorado just started our research, that he was our good father and Creator; and instead he is a really shady character. The big picture We did prepare the picture below in order to describe the whole Universe. This will be our reference point, the outline to follow and to compare with our written description of the events, moment after moment.

Consciousness has always existed since it is eternal. But one day this is a meaningless time symbolism: And so Consciousness creates a mirror for itself. And the mirror is actually the virtual Universe, as we said and described in our corgado works; so it looks at itself through the virtual Universe. At this point, Consciousness decides that it must experience itself: We can say that it must know itself, touch itself and experience itself.

In that moment Consciousness emanates, through an act of will, the desire to experience, and it decides to experience without any limitations. Aalieni thought creates dualism right in that moment.

Dualism is the fundamental expression of choice. In other words, if I decide I want to have an experience, I also decide that I can choose my experience. So, I understand the meaning corrzdo choosing and its relationship to the malxnga of choosing. Consciousness has zlieni the opportunity to become aware, and the opportunity not to want to become aware. This is an aspect in our Creation which produces a peculiar effect. You can be anywhere in the Universe and you can always go up or down, to the right or to the left, high or low, and so on.

In that moment free will is born. The two Creators Consciousness is one; it is not dual and it is eternal. It is, it has been, and it will be. So Consciousness cannot change itself, but only its awareness of being, which it acquires during its life experiences.

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Alieni o demoni. La battaglia per la vita eterna – Corrado Malanga – Google Books

Such experiences must be lived by something which is actually its virtual image. Such image is created by Consciousness itself, and it is obviously dual. And so, by necessity, two Creators are created, and each one of them is free to choose what to do.

Because this Universe is created on a dual base. The first Creator and its descent We wanted to abbreviate the name for the first Creator with Cl and we placed it on the right of the observer. This was an unconscious and archetypal choice. Such first Creator chose to create, in its turn, a perfect being through which he could experience. We will call this being PM Primordial Man. PM has certain Primordial features. So, PM was created right away by the first Creator as an almost perfect being; he has a Soul and he is immortal also in his body.

Full text of “Corrado Malanga – Complete multilingual bibliography”

Such texts cannot be taken literally, as if they were just historical texts, but they must be considered as myths: PM, is an immortal being, and so corrafo is not able to experience death. Hence, he needs other beings in order to experience death in his place. PM represents Adam, who, in order to be like his Creator, creates in his turn; and he commits in this way a serious sin: In the Hebrew tradition Adam becomes, that is it will become, a mortal being by eating from the tree of life corradk death, and he will be expelled from Eden.

This Adam is not us, and his expulsion is symbolically happening now. We need to remember that the ancient sacred texts must be interpreted symbolically, that is out of space and time, because they are about everything and not about what comes first and after, as people tend to believe nowadays. Here we have the Aliens making their first appearance: In our organization chart we represented the Aliens with certain geometric shapes placed within a crystal malxnga that limits their existence.

The Aliens were created by PM in his own image and likeness, and so they make the same mistake that PM made towards deoni first and true Creator, Cl.

In order to achieve this result they need to become immortal and so be on the same level as PM. So, the Aliens plan to steal the Soul component from PM. But PM understands that his creatures are secretly rebelling against him, and so he takes refuge in a part of the Universe where the Aliens cannot enter. The death experience Now, we need to understand what is an experience, and understand why the creation needed to create two Creators, and why they, in turn, needed to create other beings.

We need to understand that Consciousness is eternal. It has everything but one thing: So, it is necessary that Consciousness experiences death on itself.

Corrado Malanga -Alieni O Demoni – [ Alien Cicatrix]

So it asks to its 2 emanations, the two Creators, to experience death in its place. The two Creators, once they realize that they exist, they also refuse to experience death, because that would mean ending, and so they delegate their creatures to experience death for them.

That implies that the first Creator Cl creates Denoni with a Soul, and since PM has a Soul, he understands deemoni the Soul does not have a time axis and that the Soul is the secret for immortality.

The Aliens, that were created by PM, rebels against this situation and this kind of treatment; so PM makes sure that they lose the Soul component because it is too dangerous that they keep it within themselves without wanting to give it back to him, the lawful owner, at the end of the experience. Some Aliens as the Lux, get to be stripped of their bodies to which the Soul attaches herself; others are victims of destruction and wars, and PM, who orchestrates all of this from the top, is able to bring back home his own Souls: Death is an experience which is necessary to the Soul, who was created for such reason.


They build Mankind that is, us.

And they wait until the Soul ends up in it. The final result of this would be an immortal alien just like PM. But where can they find the Souls to enter in such containers? The Aliens well know that PM needs his Souls to enter in mortal containers, and that he then takes back the Souls, after they experience death.

The Aliens patiently wait and PM starts to use the containers that the Aliens created. Then the Aliens start to kidnap Men having a Soul component and they try to steal it, and so to steal, sooner or later, the Soul component from their own Creator, PM. There we have the beginning of a new fight for life and immortality between PM and his creatures, and such fight involves beings who are totally unaware about any of this: But truth will out.

We do not know at this point how and why this happened, but according to the stories told by the abductees, we can infer that the second Creator was in a area of the Universe which was dimensionally damaged, and its Soul refused to follow it there.

The second Creator is in a bi- dimensional Universe, at least according to our point of view. So, on one side we have the second Creator without a Soul and so without a body, and on the other side we have a Soul component wandering in this part of the Universe without any container to use.

A real an unexpected feast for the Aliens! It is not clear what the second Creator did, but his attempts to come back in our part of the Universe failed, because you can come back on this side only if coreado are Soul, otherwise you are forced to stay on the other side.

That side represents, according to the Holy Scriptures, hell, where malahga devil and its creatures the demons are excluded.

And, once again, we are describing something which is archetypically already described in the mzlanga texts of certain cultures, like, for example, the Hebrew culture.

But this is not the only one, as we mentioned above. Even the second creator, which we abbreviated as C2, creates a poorer creation. It creates those bodiless aliens which we many times described.

Particularly the ones who are limited by having to use a fake body in order to interact with our world; they use such bodies like puppeteers: Another alien of this kind is named Ra to remind the Egyptian Gods which are linked to his figure. It uses an alien body which looks like a very tall winged creature, with a beak in the place of the nose, and a long wattle under the chin, and also a hypothetical third eye in the middle of his forehead.

They remember an anthropomorphic bird, almost 11 foot tall. We called this Horus. Even the second Creator used its creatures as laborers just to recapture the Soul component that it lost. This seems possible only if you are a three dimensional being. After finding a body the bodiless alien uses the Soul kalanga and tries to integrate it within itself. Its final goal is to pass on this side, as we said, and then go back to the Oo, from where the first Creator comes.

In the end, its first goal is to save itself. Then it wants to live malahga physically dying. On one side the bodiless Aliens, product of the second Creator, come and malangz his Soul component trying to use it, while claiming that it was once theirs, so they want it back.