Web-based quizzes on German adjective endings and declination. Explanation of German adjective endings and declination. Adjektivendungen – Gezeigt wird ein sicheres System, um die richtige German. English. Sie hat eine nette Schwester. Deutsches Brot schmeckt sehr gut.

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So it must be “ein nett er Mann”.

Wir lieben unsere klein en Babys. I write a long letter. What does this mean exactly? Ich schreibe einen lang en Brief. All you have to do is to answer these 4 questions and the look for the right ending in the table. Quandary Mazes Step by step practice [coming adjektifendungen.

If this is confusing for you, please feel free to consult a textbook or click here for a good traditional explanation.

From this arises the first of both the principles for the declension of the adjective: Drill Some purely mechanical practice at filling in adjective endings. Many textbooks try to totally avoid any tables and treat the adjective and several accompanying words only incidentally, in the hope that the students practice and learn the rules of the German adjective adjektiendungen more or less unconsciously. When you’ve found the deuutsch answer, check the feedback box for an explanation of the meaning of the expression.


Anna Stefanou from Neustadt, Germany, developed an excellent overview and allowed me to present it to you on my website. Teacher of German as a foreign language. Das ist ein gutes Buch. Learn the most important subordinators with ONE simple pictogram Learn accusative prepositions with mnemonic images.

Meine Katze ist alt. Adjective Nouns [Substantivierte Adjektive] When adjectives are used as nouns e.

This references the second keep in mind described above. Determiners Determine whether or not the adjectives in these adjektivendunhen about determined people are preceded by determiners.

Toms Deutschseite – Adjektivendungen

Wo ist der rote Mantel? German Grammar Worksheets for students and teachers. Deutsches Bier schmeckt gut.

Hier ist eine kleine Lampe. Yes, they do require some memorization, but there is a logic to them. Das Bett ist warm. Weak Endings “Determiner” Present: How do you find out which ending you have to use?


In particular, if you are writing a sentence with an ein-word followed by an adjective, you can know you are making a mistake if you are giving them both an -er, -es or -em ending: If YES if there is an article alreadymove on to question 2. The tall woman is wearing a hat. Diagnostic Exercises check if you’ve mastered this topic!


Student of the 7th grade, German school Tenerife. Let’s analyse the sentence. Adjective endings are usually the least favorite part of learning German, from both the students’ and the teacher’s viewpoints.