AN OUTLINE OF THE QABALAH. ISRAEL REGARDIE. Second Edition A GARDEN OF POMEGRANATES. INTRODUCTION iii. Sages have long taught that. A Garden of Pomegranates by Israel Regardie, , available at Book Depository with free delivery worldwide. By Israel Regardie. Edited and annotated with new material by. Chic Cicero & Sandra Tabatha Cicero. When Israel Regardie wrote A Garden of Pomegranates .

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Long considered the best single introduction to the Qabalah for magicians, the third edition of Israel Regardie’s A Garden of Pomegranates is now better than ever, thanks to the extensive annotations and new material by Chic Pomegrannates and Sandra Tabatha Cicero.

Llewellyn Worldwide – A Garden of Pomegranates: Product Summary

Their work has made A Garden regafdie Pomegranates easier to understand, more complete, and up to date. It now includes over pages of never-before-published information from two Senior Adepts of the Hermetic Order of the Golden Pomebranates. The Qabalah is the ancient system of Hebrew mysticism that is the foundation of Western magical and esoteric studies.

Its primary symbol is the Tree of Life, a diagram that can aid in the study of the nature of the Universe, the essence of God, and the human mind, spirit, and soul. A Garden of Pomegranates is the clearest introductory guide on this subject. When Israel Regardie wrote A Regarxie of Pomegranates inhe designed it to be a simple yet comprehensive guidebook outlining the complex system of the Qabalah and providing a key to its symbolism. Since then, it has achieved the status of a classic among texts on the Qabalah.

The full annotations, critical commentary, and explanatory notes now make this book the ultimate single resource on the subject.

A Garden of Pomegranates

The new material, including pathworkings, exercises, daily affirmations, rituals, meditations, and more, not only complement the original, full text included in this edition, but also make A Garden of Pomegranates indispensable for modern magicians. Contact our robots department if you really want a nice long ban. Expands Regardie’s definitive text into a practical manual for Qabalistic magic Includes pathworkings and guided visualizations for the 32 Paths of Wisdom Suggests a course of study for learning the Qabalah and incorporating its teachings into daily life Shows how to create your own personal Qabalistic mantra using gematria or Hebrew numerology Includes a technique for Rising on the Planes, so you can explore different Qabalistic worlds Features a Middle Pillar-style exercise for exploring and activating different parts of the soul Written by one of the most influential magical teachers of modern times and two of his personal students The Qabalah is the ancient system of Hebrew mysticism that is the foundation of Western magical and esoteric studies.


The Most Secretive of Arts. Alchemy is considered one of the principle branches of the Western Esoteric Tradition.

But while many students are familiar with astrology and the Qabalah, far fewer are acquainted with the basics of alchemy which is often misrepresented and well-hidden. There are two people more responsible for the rebirth of magick in the second half of the twentieth century than anyone else. The first is publisher Carl Llewellyn Weschcke.

His publication of classic and new books on magick and astrology, as well as some of the first accurate books on Wicca and Witchcraft, literally changed the world. One of the things he did was purchase the copyrights to Magick has evolved tremendously over the past few years.

It has stood the test of time, pomeegranates the slander of contrary opinion, and it has taken a very deep position in the mainstream community. The new faces and names to the occult remain loyal to their traditions, but are not bound by it, and all of us have built our foundation from the techniques of elder work. What will the magickal foundation be like for pomegrantes of tomorrow? The writer of this article is a psychologist who has long searched for a quick, safe, and easy means to help patients integrate various aspects of their mind into a healthy, unified whole.


Much to his surprise, he discovers an answer in a The Tree of Life: A Magical Classic Ppomegranates for the 21st Century. At a time when magic was regarded by most as suspect at best and dangerously evil at worst, Israel Regwrdie saw magic pomegrnates a precise scientific discipline as well garsen a highly spiritual way of life. At the age of twenty-four, he took on the enormous It takes approximately a year for the Earth Mama to revolve around Father Sun.

Similarly, it takes about a year to deepen your Hoodoo practice using my newest book, Days of Hoodoo.

This concept of sticking with a book for a year may seem daunting, but it can also be magickally empowering. Here are 10 tips for how to do days of Sign up to receive special offers and promotions from Llewellyn. Leave a review at Goodreads. Chic CiceroSandra Tabatha Cicero. Israel RegardieJohn Michael Greer.

Israel Regardie’s Lost Book of Alchemy. Golden Dawn Magical Tarot. Tarot Talismans Invoke the Angels of the Tarot.

Sandra Tabatha CiceroChic Cicero. How to Use Folk Magic.

Initiatory Tarot of the Golden Dawn Deck. Osborne PhillipsMelita Denning.