The aim of this blog is to help new Kodi Users come to grips with how Genesis works and how you can best optimise it for your own use. The lower the settings the less time it will search and you may miss out on sources. Only good if you have a limited bandwidth. Alluc and Ororo will make it possible to search those websites for streams. There is no need to manually select a stream or learn about which scrapers and resolvers work the best for you. As you can see plenty of p links, Real debrid works better for Tv Shows in Genesis than movies but Real Debrid has movie support in a lot of other addons be sure to read our blog on it HERE. Here, we are going to learn about some basics of video library and its contents like Video Library, Video Management, Playing Internet content, and more. Check first episode of season before adding it:

As a result, it will get boring and irritated if we do it continuously. Select General and Choose Providers Timeout and reduce the counting as Accounts This should be self explanatory, in this section is where you can sign into the numerous accounts that Genesis supports. If enabled then Genesis will auto-play streams in your Kodi library when selected, instead of presenting you with a list of streams. By continuing to use this website, you agree to their use. Contents 1 How to enable autoplay for playing next episode on Kodi?

These are the methods to enable the autoplay option for continuous streaming of videos on kodi without any interruption. Follow Best for Kodi on Twitter.

File hosting sites are generally augoplay to have slower connections. However, this can take up space on your hard drive, so using the clear cache option will help free up space and refresh artwork. We are not responsible for any content you choose to have on your device. Then, move to next option called Playback then select Default action and change until it reaches Autoplay. We provide information on the addons that is freely available on the internet and from the addon developers themselves.


This site uses cookies. If enabled you will see pop-up notification informing you that Genesis is updating your TV show folders. If you want to automate your experience more and reduce the number of button clicks from main menu to streaming, there is a handy built-in Kodi autoplay feature in most genesiz addons you may want to enable and check out. The number of titles per page are already set at the max amount, and nothing further can be done about this.

Genesis works in a very simple way, it uses TheMovieDB. Show notification during update: If everything works correctly, there are no button clicks required from you at all! Smart Sbmc Smart play is a feature that came in in epiosde 5.

Select the Settings from the top corner of the Home screen. Below is an example of how my hosts are setup after tweaking them on a recommendation from a dev on TvAddons forum.

Select Progress Dialog and cbmc the setting as Background. To avoid this manual process you have an option called Autoplay to play the video or Episode automatically, but you need to enable this option. As well, there is a second feature that allows you to autoplay more than one episode right after each other with no user interaction required!

How to autoplay next episode on kodi addons like exodus?

However, this is just a max time. How to install the Genesis Kodi Addon. Submit a Comment Cancel reply Your genedis address will not be published. If you have any symptoms or details about Kodi autoplay not working, let us know on Twitter or Facebook or by commenting below and we will help other users out.


Autoplay functionality is available in most multi-source Kodi addons today, such as Incursion, Neptune Rising, Placenta, etc. Read the full Best for Kodi disclaimer here. You are taking risk! Sign up for a premium Kodi VPN and access the internet unrestricted. Only good if you have a limited bandwidth. However disappointing the news of its demise as the old saying goes its not over until the fat lady sings. This means that occasionally you will find some movies or TV shows that have no streams.

If you enable this then file locker websites with p streams will appear.

How to autoplay next episode on kodi addons like exodus? – Kodiforu

Disabling ones that xbmmc have no interest in using or you know are geo blocked can help speed things up. Choose Exodus or Select whatever you want. In this article, we are going to learn, How to enable Autoplay to play next episode automatically. Here, we are going to learn about some basics of video library and its contents like Video Library, Video Management, Playing Internet content, and more.

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